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How to make money from digital currencies? Introducing 5 ways to earn money, without the need for trading

Many people today are looking to make money from digital currencies. Some even go so far as to dream of becoming billionaires through digital currencies. They are looking for big price jumps and 100% profits, and in a word, they want to get rich overnight.

Perhaps the jump in the price of Bitcoin and the good profits made by its early investors are the reason for this dream; But the truth is that such opportunities are few and far between. Only a handful of traders can ride on the price waves and get out of the market in time to earn the money that changes their lives.

Fortunately, however, the sudden rise in prices is not the only way digital currency investors can make money. The advent of the DeFi ecosystem, peer-to-peer (NFT) tokens, and the slow pace of adoption of digital currencies in the mainstream of the economy have provided us with almost unlimited investment opportunities.

In this regard, with the help of an article From the Coin Telegraph website, we take a look at five ways digital currency hoodlers can make money without trading and easily.



Sharing is one of the best ways to make a profit from assets held in a digital currency-based portfolio. In this method, users lock their tokens as collateral in a protocol. By doing this, users can play a role in confirming transactions and also receive rewards.

All Blockchain networks that are secured through the Proof of Stock (PoS) method as well as its derivative methods such as DPoS, NPoS, LPoS, DBFT, PBFT and PPoS can be stocked and made a profit. In all of these methods, users can earn revenue in proportion to their share of the total network share, by playing pools and representing the main nodes, without having to act directly as a validator in the network.

In the not-too-distant future, the Ethereum network will move from a labor-based consensus model to a stock-proof model, and Ether holders who have subscribed to Ethereum 2.0 smart contracts could earn up to 5.83% profit.

Holders of ether tokens are actively involved in verifying transactions in the new Ethereum stock proof system. By locking their currencies in network nodes, they seek a chance to approve transactions, create new blocks, and receive the rewards that come with it.

Rawards Sticking Data (Staking Rewards) Shows that at present, a share of 10 ethers can bring in a weekly income of 0.0075 ether; At current prices, it is worth $ 17.96. Also, the one-year return of this investment reaches 0.3876 ether, which is equivalent to $ 933.69.

Sharing bonus
Calculated share rewards for ether

The more tokens locked in the network, the lower the return percentage of the share-owned ethers, and as a result the final revenue is likely to change. Currently, Cardano (ADA), Ether (ETH), Solana (SOL), USAQ (USDC) and Polkadot (DOT) are the five digital assets with the highest share value, respectively.

Sharing and earning money from digital currencies
Five assets are encrypted in terms of stock value

Considering these cases, it can be said that equity is one of the best and least risky investment opportunities in the digital currency market. With equity, you can get a good return regardless of the prevailing emotions and market performance, and at the same time support network security.

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Digital currency lending

The growth of the decentralized financial industry (DIFA) has led to the development of a variety of lending ecosystems based on digital currencies. In this ecosystem, users can deposit their digital currencies in various lending protocols and in return receive rewards in the form of principal tokens or various assets such as bitcoin, ether or other altcoins.

The Aave platform is currently at the top of the list of lending protocols. By operating on Ethereum and Paligan networks, this platform has created good profit opportunities for users.

Lending on the Aave platform
Seven Top Avi Lending Pools on Paligan Network

The chart above shows the top seven lending pools available through the AVI protocol on the Paligan network. The deposit bonus in these pools is paid through Rapidomatic Token (WMATIC).

The annual interest rate on deposits is currently 1.92% and is estimated to reach 6.1% by the end of the year. Crow (CRV), Compound (MKR) (MKR) and Yren Finance (YFI) are other lending protocols.

Providing liquidity

One of the main components of Defy platforms is providing liquidity. Investors who are willing to provide liquidity for emerging platforms often make good profits from their deposits; The liquidity providers of decentralized exchanges also account for a portion of the transaction fees incurred through the automated market maker.

Earn money by providing liquidity
Ether / USB Cash Liquidity Pool Rewards on Quick Swap Platform

As you can see in the image above, an investor can contribute a share of the total $ 23,098 daily bonus distributed in the QuickSwap protocol by providing liquidity to the Ether / USB pool; He can also receive 33.81% of his annual commission income.

Investors with a long-term approach can research the pools on the market and choose the most suitable pool for investment and revenue. If a currency pair consists of reliable projects or even a stable coin pair such as USB / Tetra and seems like an attractive investment option, it has the potential to become the Blockchain version of your savings account. Sometimes these Blockchain accounts are more effective than any of the options offered by traditional banks or financial institutions.

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Cultivation of profit

Yield Farming is a concept that uses digital assets to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

New protocols and platforms usually provide a lot of incentives for depositors at start-up to increase liquidity extraction and total locked value (TVL) on the protocol.

Make money by cultivating profits
189% profit of providing STKGHST-WETH currency pair in Dinosaur

These high profits are often paid in the form of platform-specific tokens. As you can see in the image above, the user has provided part of the liquidity of the STKGHS-WETH pool. The annual interest rate of this investment is 189.2% and so far it has received 3,312 DINO tokens as a reward.

Profit cultivation is a way for long-term investors with a portfolio of tokens to work on new projects and obtain new tokens without the need for funding.

Blockchain games and NFT

Earnings from Blockchain games

Playing in Axie Infinity brings rewards in the form of SLP tokens, which stands for Smooth Love Potion. SLP is a dedicated (native) token of this game that can be used to cultivate oxy.

The token is also traded in large digital currency exchanges. Users can exchange SLP with dollar-based stable coins as well as other currencies with high market value.

Based on data yourcryptolibrary.comToday, average Oxy Infiniti players receive between 150 and 200 SLPs per day. Depending on the current value of the token in the market, these bonuses are worth between $ 40 and $ 53.50.

In some parts of the world, such income is equivalent to the income of a full-time job. Because of this, Oxy Infiniti has been widely welcomed in countries such as Venezuela and the Philippines.


Finally, it should be noted that profits from equity, lending, liquidity, profit cultivation, and participation in Blockchain games vary from project to project and from platform to platform. However, like any other investment, in the blockchain world, safer and less risky platforms offer more reasonable returns, and new projects bring more profits to users. Which projects you invest in will depend on your knowledge of digital currencies as well as your risk-taking.

Do you have any other way to make money from digital currencies? Let us know your thoughts and opinions.


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