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How I reduced my working time by a third; 8 decisions to change the financial mindset

When you are in the water, you have to know how to swim, and when you are on land, you have to walk. In outer space, you need an initial shock, and when you fall to the ground, you need a parachute. All these simple principles have arisen from the knowledge of the laws that govern nature; The laws that have shaped our mentality in dealing with the world around us. You might say that these are obvious; Yes, but the gist of the word is where the mindset, everywhere and in all subjects, plays the leading role. With this in mind, if you want to step into the world of finance and investing, you must first refine your financial mindset. Because the right mindset teaches you to get the most out of it with the least amount of energy.

The article you are reading, Note From Tim Denning, author of CNBC and Business Insider, who teaches, in simple terms, eight tips for changing your financial mindset and entering the business world. Stay with us until the end of this article.

This article should not be construed as financial or legal advice. Consult a financial professional first before making any important investment decisions.

Simple decisions, great results

I might be addicted to cocaine; My life was going in that direction. Nightclubs had taken over my brain. I used to be a DJ at parties. Even if you are the healthiest person in the world, when you spend your whole life in clubs and nightclubs, you will eventually become addicted to drugs.

Do not go far; My best friend was also a DJ. He seemed to have a strong will and never consumed anything; But after a decade as a DJ, he was finally drawn to those pills; He was under the illusion that taking the pill would strengthen his playing skills. Now his mind is deeply disturbed and the delusions of the substance have taken over his world. My fate could be the same; But it did not happen!

I avoided using drugs in my own way. Although it was always around me, I never wanted to try it. When I was 16, I tried drugs for the first time, and that experience was enough to keep me from doing it for the rest of my life. The first blow I received made me have the illusion of death! I had never been so scared in my life. I told my friends to call an ambulance. They laughed too and said, “Isn’t that cool?” It was not cool at all…

But on the other hand, I have to be optimistic; A long puff at the age of 16 became the best moment of my life and saved my destiny from certain destruction. The world is a really strange place; Just when you least expect it, the world is behind you.

Avoiding drugs led to one of my best economic decisions: Do not spend money on addiction to something that will ruin your life!

A person is worth more than money

How I reduced my working time by a third;  8 decisions to change the financial mindset

I am about to get engaged and married (be between us, he still does not know!)

This decision changed the meaning of money in my life. Until now, I wanted to make money to attract my partner; This idea led me to work with the worst partners you can imagine. Some of them wanted to go to charity; Not to help the needy, but deliberately wanted to do nothing and later make jokes with their stupid deeds.

True love makes money seem less important to you. Every minute I spend trading to make money means the minute I can’t spend time with him. Find someone who is worth more than money. If you have not found one yet, buy a cute little dog!

Try to be motivated by love; No money!

You do not have to be chic all the time; Be more ordinary!

One day I was invited to a lunch meeting with my colleagues. My appearance was very normal compared to them. They were wearing suits and I was wearing old jeans and a plain T-shirt. They were stylish watches and I did not have a watch.

They were immersed in luxurious fragrances, each with its own seductive scent, trying to grab the attention of others. I had just taken a simple shower and had just washed myself with unscented soap (I smelled میز aaammmm… smelled human). Most people think I’m poor. They think I can hardly calculate the cost of lunch and I happen to be very happy with it!

There are many benefits to not being exposed. This way people will love you more for who you are; Not because of the things you can buy for them or the special seats you reserve for tennis.

Reduce the quality of your trips!

How I reduced my working time by a third;  8 decisions to change the financial mindset

Some time ago, I sold my Beam and replaced it with an old Honda. In the near future, I plan to lower the quality and use low-cost lift services (something like Snap and Uber). Elevator drivers always have compelling stories to tell. They are a great source of inspiration for ordinary writers like me. Maybe sometimes I even lift unintentionally to hear just a few good stories. I will probably go to the train and subway after the lift.

Trains are for billionaires who value their time.

Were you surprised by the above? I literally believe in it. When you drive a car yourself, you spend time driving; But if you use the train, you will have a whole lot of extra time. The trains are full of interesting people. You can watch the world from the moving frame of the train; You can listen to the podcast, you can enjoy the current self-awareness and hear the sound of metal wheels moving on the rails!

A car that you have to pay all your attention to so that it does not turn left and hit the door and wall, is too expensive. If you can afford a personal car, you have more time and you can own a house faster.

Stay away from rich youngsters!

How I reduced my working time by a third;  8 decisions to change the financial mindset

Let me ease your mind; These jungle games only benefit Instagram and TickTock!

I mean rich youngsters are those who show off their lives; Those who make you feel self-deprecating. They are constantly talking about flashy things that they pretend are their own. They rent cars, yachts and even giraffes to show themselves young, rich and hot.

Do not act like rich youngsters; Be like yourself.

The essence of youth is, in fact, the abundance of time; Not a lifetime of slavery to buy things that make us old sooner. Let me refer you to one of Tyler’s golden dialogues in the movie Fight Club:

We buy things we do not need; I’m just with the money we do not have; To impress people we do not like!

Increase your energy, not your money!

Everything in this world either gives you energy or takes energy from you.

When you regain your energy in life, you can do more with your limited time. When the priority in your life is doing things you are not interested in and only do for money, your energy is taken away. Incidentally, the more energy you give, the more money you make.

Surely you have your own hobbies. For example, I personally provide the energy of my life by writing, and then I direct that energy to my own business. The result is a combination of energies. This energy eventually manifests itself in the desire to work. When people feel the energy in your work, they are easily attracted to it, and if they are going to pay for your service or product, they do so naturally.

Money is your source of energy; So prioritize energy over money!

Be reckless and unusual in your business!

How I reduced my working time by a third;  8 decisions to change the financial mindset

Businesses have the potential to simply get involved in a game of a handful of bosses and suit-wearing employees who have no choice but to compete for vain standards. But I am the same strange and strange person in the assemblies. I say everything I think is right and I do not care how high the other party’s social status is. Life no longer scares me; Although I’m still afraid of death.

I work in the field of technology, but if I want to be more precise, my job is to connect with investors who are difficult to communicate with; Those who hang up on me hate my company logo and see the value proposition of my work as something duplicated and belonging to my predecessors.

But I am not going to enter from a position of weakness. So I made a new decision; I started sending silly text messages like:

«You do not even think about who is waiting for you over the phone. He’s the one you probably wanted to talk to in one word all your career! So do not miss the opportunity!»

Such a message brings them out of their cave. Unusual people in business can trap investor whales. These whales can make almost anything impossible. I have hunted several of these whales over the years. They fascinated me; They were not fascinated by this unusual behavior, not because of the job title.

If you behave normally in your profession, it will be easier for them to reject you. Someone who falls in love with you actually wants to spend some time curious about you. If you can satisfy people’s curiosity about your profession, you no longer have to work hard to meet organizational standards.

Look at the financial world from a different angle

How I reduced my working time by a third;  8 decisions to change the financial mindset

Your understanding of money determines how much you should work for it. Money, like everything else in life, is just a game. Most people do not fully understand the purpose of the game and therefore spend a lot of time moving in the wrong direction. they usually “Financial freedom of thoughtThey sacrifice the rhetoric of governments. Slogans like:

This is a financial conspiracy;
This is another bubble;
Its value will soon reach zero.

People fall in love with the same social problems that they never intend to solve. They mistakenly think that politics and politicians protect them and their families.

The truth is, the financial world is not working as well as most of you think. When you study the history of the financial system, you begin to discover repetitive patterns and cycles, and when you look closely at cycles, you see how quickly everything that you have worked hard for changes. I thought the value of property should always be bullish; Until we reach the financial crisis of 2008 and your eyes do not see a bad day…

Now what if one day you realize that all your beliefs about money are wrong?

Yes, it is difficult to understand, but let me guide you; Put yourself in the shoes of all the actors in the current financial system. Pretend you are a Wall Street banker one day; Put yourself in the shoes of a digital currency market the next day; Sell ​​a mortgage the next day to make a living, and the next day imagine you are a millionaire business owner. Finally, pretend that you have lost all your financial gains overnight.

How do you behave in each of these situations? What decisions do you make? Each point of view helps you to see money from other angles. Until you change your perspective, you will not understand the lies that have been told to you for years about money.

Now I work for the last third. But I am not a bodybuilder! Rather, I have gradually removed myself from unnecessary things. In fact, my financial situation has not changed much, but my mentality has changed. Changing the mindset about how to look at this world is really a big gamble, gambling to the extent of changing the attitude of Neo in The Matrix. However, do not stress.

Stress is when you do not have many choices.

Having many choices is necessary to satisfy your curiosity and imagination. Choices put you on the path to meeting attractive people; Choices take you on amazing journeys, and ultimately it is your financial thinking that shapes the range of your choices.


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