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How do I sell bitcoins? Bitcoin sales training

For beginners who want to invest in Bitcoin or have received Bitcoin as a gift and reward, the question is usually asked, if I have Bitcoin, how can I sell it and convert it into currency (Rials or Dollars)? . In this article, we will answer this question in simple language.

Most of the time, people who buy bitcoins also learn how to sell bitcoins on their own, because from where you bought bitcoins, you can sell them as well. To learn how to buy bitcoins, see the article “How to buy bitcoins?” See.

However, you may have earned bitcoins through various other means such as mining, online activities or gifts, and now you want to sell it. In this article, we will explain three different ways to sell bitcoins.

Selling bitcoins for Rials

The best way to sell bitcoin is to visit a digital currency exchange site. Just do a Google search for “sell bitcoin” and it will show you dozens of exchange sites. On these sites, after registering and authenticating, you can easily sell your bitcoins and receive Rials on your bank card.

How do I sell bitcoins?  Bitcoin sales training

Of course, bitcoins can also be sold to real people; Just as dollars can be sold to a real person without going to an exchange office. However, we do not recommend selling your bitcoins in Telegram or WhatsApp groups or to people you do not know. First of all, bitcoin transactions are irreversible; This means that if you give your bitcoins to someone you do not know and they do not pay you, it can be prosecuted, but it will be very difficult and you may never be able to get your money back. On the other hand, even if the buyer pays the rial first and then you give him the bitcoin, the buyer can be a phishing scammer who obtains a person’s bank card information and converts it into bitcoin for money laundering purposes.

Therefore, it is best to visit a reputable exchange site. Google homepage websites are usually all reputable and may only operate at different prices and quality of service; For example, an exchange can have higher liquidity or better support than others. However, do not rely on Google and make sure it is valid before registering with an exchange. Checking your address, phone number and activity history are some of the most important things to check.

To further ensure the commitment and quality of an exchange, the inquirer is the best approach. The question and answer section of the digital exchange site (stack) is one of the best places where you can be sure of the credibility of an exchange office. Stack users have already published a lot about the best Iranian exchange offices.

Convert bitcoins to other digital currencies

If you want to convert your bitcoins to other digital currencies such as Ether, Tetra and ،, it is best to go to an international exchange such as Although this is possible on some Iranian websites, most of them do not support all digital currencies and often have low liquidity. Also, if you want to trade digital currencies regularly, it makes sense to use an international exchange that covers a wide range of digital currencies and has a high trading volume.

Note that international exchanges do not allow users residing in Iran to operate due to sanctions, and there is a risk of account blocking in these exchanges. However, most Iranian users now use Bainance to trade digital currencies. In the article “Bainance Exchange Training” you can learn how to work with this exchange.

Convert bitcoins to dollars

If you live in Iran, we do not recommend using this method, as you will need international currency accounts, which are not possible, or at least very difficult, due to sanctions imposed on users living in Iran. If you want to convert your bitcoins into dollars from inside Iran, it makes more sense to convert them into tetra. Teter is always a stable digital currency with a fixed price of $ 1, which you can easily store in your wallet or mobile computer.

However, if you have the necessary conditions, you can use or to sell bitcoins and receive dollars or euros.

Usually in each country one method is more popular than the other. In Australia, for example, most users use the Coinspot website to buy and sell digital currencies. To find the right way to sell Bitcoin in your country of residence, just Google the word “Sell Bitcoin” with the name of your country of residence; Example: Sell Bitcoin in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bitcoin Sales

What is the best way to sell bitcoin in Iran?

The answer to this question can be different for everyone, but in general, most people use Iranian sites to sell bitcoins.

Is it possible to sell bitcoins without authentication?

You can sell bitcoins to some real people on social networks (such as telegram groups) without authentication, but this is very risky and the person in question may be a criminal or fraudster. Of course, if you convert your bitcoins to Tetra first, in some sites you can convert Tetra to Rials without authentication.

What is the minimum bitcoin sales?

If you have bitcoin equal to 100 thousand tomans, you can sell it. Of course, some exchanges may set a minimum amount, but on paper, any amount that meets the Bitcoin and exchange network fees can be sold.


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