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Hot Beat Exchange was hacked!

The Hot Beat Exchange announced in a blog post that hackers had managed to enter the exchange’s database. According to Hotbit, the hackers deleted the exchange database after failing to access the assets. Hot Beat also claims that users’ assets are completely secure.

According to Arzdigital, Hot Beat in Post Which published a few minutes ago, announcing the hackers’ attack on an exchange office, explained that the exchange office’s activity will be suspended for 7 to 14 days.

As part of its announcement, HotBit advised users to change their account if the password of the same exchange is the same as that of other websites.

Hot Beat has also acknowledged that it will accept any damages incurred in connection with leveraged trades and exchange-traded funds.

Users’ open positions will also be closed automatically. Hot Beat described the attack as the biggest problem in the exchange’s three-year lifespan.

Most likely, hackers have access to emails, numbers, addresses, and information that individuals have entered into their accounts.


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