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Historic Ultra price break due to the boom in the NFT

The growing popularity of heterogeneous tokens (NFTs) and cross-chain cooperation (UOS) has accelerated its historic peak; It is worth noting that the price of this digital currency has grown by 225% in the past month.

to the the report Coin Telegraph, online games and video games have become one of the largest industries in the last 30 years as a digital technology. The Internet has connected people around the world to a single global community.

Decentralization and blockchain technology are on the rise as a new way to build an ecosystem. Ultra is one of the game-focused projects that has seen its price accelerate in recent months.

Ultra is a blockchain-based game distribution platform created for gamers and game developers to allow users to develop multiple revenue streams, including the ability to resell games and parts of the game.

The developers of this project created a customized version of the EOSIO blockchain designed to build a free account and create more transactions through better resource allocation.

Data from the Cointelegraph Markets and Trading View show that the price of the UOS token has risen 225% in the past month. The price of this token has reached its maximum value of $ 0.42 on February 22 from $ 0.132 on February 1.

Historic Ultra price break due to the boom in the NFT
Ultra four-hour price chart

As can be seen in the chart above, the UOS volume reached its highest level on February 21 and February 22, following its listing at the Bithumb exchange.

Unprecedented tokens have been one of the fastest growing digital currencies, and Ultra has benefited. Developers at Ultra have focused on the core technology of non-parable tokens; Because they can resell unique parts of a game in several markets and decentralized exchanges.

Interoperability between Blockchain platforms is an important issue in the digital currency ecosystem. The Ultra team is developing and working on a trial version of a new core network that retains the ability to work on the Ethereum blockchain.

While Ultra is partnering with the EOSIO blockchain, Ultra developers are looking to collaborate with others, including Sandbox and Elrond. The project is also working with Theta to broadcast the game live and transfer unique tokens between chains.

Aside from its core affiliation with gaming giant Ubisoft, recent partnerships with companies such as AMD and Atari have also helped push up the price of Ultra in 2021.

Collaboration with large letters, inter-chain interoperability, and the growth of unparalleled tokens have put Ultra in a position to benefit from the uptrend in the digital currency market.

The gaming sector is expected to continue to grow exponentially in the foreseeable future, and as the popularity of blockchain games increases, Ultra could have the advantage of being a pioneer in this field.


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