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Head of the Office of the President: The government will deal with illegal extraction

The head of the president’s office announced Rouhani’s special order to the interior and intelligence ministries to deal seriously with unauthorized users of electricity to extract bitcoins.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From Gostars News, Mahmoud Vaezi, the head of the president’s office, said about the recent margins in the field of digital currency extraction:

Today, the President raised the issue of power outages in the government. The issue that arose was that there was, however, a difference of opinion on the use of fuel between the Environment Agency, the Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Energy. We at the Corona National Headquarters approved that fuel oil should not be used in Tehran and Karaj, it is not used now, that is, it has not been used before, and we also prevented this from happening.

He added:

In metropolitan areas with large populations and winter inversions; They do not use fuel oil either. This idea has somehow prevented and restricted the use of fuel oil in all power plants. This unintentional restriction made the Ministry of Energy itself face an unforeseen event because it thought it would be routinely supplied with fuel.

The preacher added:

In the last two or three months, the National Corona headquarters, the Ministry of Health and doctors have advised people to open the windows when it is winter and indoors to change the weather. They did not know how much this would increase fuel consumption. That’s why we advised people to save on electricity and gas.

The government does not use bitcoin

The preacher also said about the rumors of bitcoin mining by the government:

It is a persecution to say that the government uses bitcoin. The government does not get involved, but there has been pressure over the past year. The Bitcoin miner was smuggled into the country, which is also a small device and it is not difficult to import. It was used in various places and pressure was put on the government to regulate it in some way.

He said:

The issue of bitcoin has been raised twice in government commissions, those who want to use bitcoin must obtain permission from the Ministry of Silence and the Ministry of Energy must approve how to use it. Accordingly, installations are allowed to some extent and it is known where they are and can be contacted and told not to use, for example, in the summer months or on days when the weather is inverted, or on cold days.

Bitcoin farms in poultry farms

The Vice President said in this regard:

Today, the government claimed that in addition to those who received permission, it is also used in some poultry farms and other places, which the President instructed the Ministry of Intelligence and the Ministry of Interior to seriously pursue this issue and They can be dealt with firmly.


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