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Hacker attack on Irene Finance; $ 2.8 million was lost

Yearn.Finance announced that one of the protocol pools of the protocol was attacked by hackers on Thursday. About $ 2.8 million in capital was stolen following the attack.

To Report “The Block,” Jaren Finance wrote on his official Twitter account:

We noticed a security breach in the ydaI V1 box. This security breach has now been fixed.

Yern Finance is a profit-making platform. In this platform, users can make a profit by depositing their investments in pools (funds). These funds are used in Defy protocols and as a result, users are paid interest.

Shortly after this incident, one of the main developers of Irene Finance wrote on Twitter:

The DAI V1 box was attacked by hackers. The attackers stole $ 2.8 million and lost $ 11 million. Until the end of our investigation, the deposits of DAI, TUSD, Tetra and USDC V1 will be stopped.

Hack Yern Finance

Stani Kulechov, the founder of the Aave platform, tweeted shortly afterwards that the main transaction of the security breach involved the rejection of a number of DIF protocols and more than $ 5,000 worth of Ethereum for a fee. He wrote in his tweet:

The complex security breach was done with 160 nested transactions and 8.6 million gasses (about 75% of the maximum block capacity), which eventually resulted in a loss of $ 2.7 million.


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