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Gucci is also entering the NFT field

According to reports, the expensive Gucci brand intends to enter this field by offering unparalleled tokens. It is said that in addition to Gucci, several other companies active in the fashion industry intend to do the same.

to the Report “The Block” and quoted by Vogue, Gucci recently announced in an interview that “sooner or later” will release a unique token (NFT). According to informed sources, Vogue said that several other expensive clothing brands are looking to enter the field.

Neuno, a fashion collectibles platform, is currently partnering with five well-known and expensive fashion houses to supply NFTs. “Nuno CEO Natalie Johnson said in a recent interview:

We want to be a universal 3D wardrobe that is ubiquitous. For example, suppose someone can buy Jennifer Lopez’s famous green Versace dress on our site.

According to the Neuno website, the platform operates on the China Flow blockchain platform. China Flow Block is a product of Dapper Labs. In another part of his speech, Johnson said that buying NFTs does not require digital currencies, and customers can pay for tokens using credit cards.

Non-recurring tokens are unique assets that are traded on the blockchain platform. In recent months, we have witnessed a sharp rise in this area. Earlier, an artist named Beeple sold an NFT for nearly $ 70 million.

Dappradar data show that more than $ 300 million of unparalleled tokens have been traded in the last 30 days. NBA Top Shot, CryptoPunks and Rarible had the highest trading volume, respectively.

Gucci is also entering the NFT field
Trading volume of NFT trading platforms


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