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Grief for John McAfee; A man no one knew was right

It is a common quote among journalists to say that the publication of high-profile news is always more enjoyable than the publication of ordinary news; Based on this quote, John McAfee’s world can be considered a paradise for journalists.

The body of 75-year-old John McAfee was found in a Barcelona prison, according to a decrypt report yesterday. The publication of this news caused many journalists to try to make it work.

In 1992, John McAfee made a name for himself. Michelangelo’s computer virus and its aftermath led McAfee to start a company that would later become one of the giants of the computer security industry. A few years later, he sold the company for $ 100 million.

John McAfee
John McAfee in Belize

Many at the time claimed that McAfee had partnered with many companies and laboratories to make viruses; Claims that were never substantiated. Some say the rumors may have been spread out of jealousy; Because he was one of the first people to step into the field of security and computer problems at the level of personal computers.

In an article about McAfee, a Newsday writer writes:

McAfee complained to me in 1992 that people were telling me this story [مایکل آنجلو] I raised him. I never went to the media, they called me.

Part of this article states:

The man who once dealt with biological viruses has now turned to computer viruses. The man who quickly became an expert in the field of quasi-plague who had mastered computers.

Biological viruses in Newsday’s article refer to McAfee’s revelry and preparation for his AIDS tests.

McAfee was a man who was unique in the early days of the lawless world of technology. Of course, his lawless behavior did not end in the world of technology, and wherever there was talk of lawlessness, one could find the name McAfee. Shortly after the advent of digital currencies, McAfee was found there as well. The area that was the best place for him.

McAfee claimed to have been arrested 21 times for tax evasion, violating the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission and other crimes. He was even suspected in a murder case in Belize, but the charge was never substantiated.

McAfee stories have always been a great option to engage the audience. This attractiveness increased with the entry of the digital currency market into the recession. At that time, the media no longer had to go to him; McAfee and his controversial statements in cyberspace, especially Twitter, made things easier for the media. On Twitter, he wrote to millions of his audience about strange stories that are not even easy to imagine. From raping ostriches to cases with whales!

His activity in cyberspace was such that in 2018, the New York Magazine named him “Digital Currency Spokesperson”.

He has previously announced that he will eat one of his limbs if the price of Bitcoin does not reach $ 1 million by the end of 2020. He even posted a series of videos on Twitter in which he made weird drinks that were mostly messy!

The culmination of McAfee’s work can be considered his candidacy for the US presidential election. One of McAfee’s videos, recorded on his yacht, shows a large number of guns. In the video, he claims that the CIA is seeking his arrest.

John McAfee in prison
John McAfee in prison

He even announced once that he had participated in a kind of Russian roulette game and managed to get out of it alive.

He was arrested last year for tax evasion. He had the opportunity to tweet from prison. Shortly after his arrest, in October 2020, he tweeted:

Know that if I beat myself up like an Epistle, it was not my fault!

In his latest tweet, he writes:

The US government thinks that I have hidden my digital currencies somewhere. I wish I did. All my assets were confiscated by the government. My friends have disappeared for fear of being arrested for collaborating with me.

I have nothing! But I do not regret anything.

Still, no one would be surprised if news broke that John David McAfee, the late Tahiti or New Guinea, was drinking so much of his own drinks and was surrounded by lunatics he once loved. It seems that John McAfee is so strange that even the most preconceived notions seem logical.


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