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Greg Wall Street: Bitcoin and Ethereum prices may rise by the end of the year

Jordan Belfort, nicknamed Greg Wall Street and a well-known financial market trader, said that the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum will jump by the end of this year, citing legislation in the digital currency space. According to him, these legislations will allow more acceptance by the public.

to the Report In a recent interview with Quinn Desk, Belfort Cryptoglob noted that extensive legislation in the field of digital currencies could benefit bitcoins, Ethereums and stable coins. In another part of his speech, he added that the fear of legislation is not right and the discussion of legislation is badly held among the people. He further referred to the bond market and said that it began to grow after the market was controlled by the legislature.

Belfort once again criticized the digital currency, citing Tetra. Belfort described Tetra as a scam and said he was surprised to see that so far little has been done about the digital currency.

Belfort said Tetra currently has 61 billion tokens in the cycle, and the exponential growth of new tetra along with price fluctuations in the digital currency suggests that Tetra could pump more bitcoin prices by offering more tokens. He also stated in 2018 that he doubts Tetr. He at the time called Tetra a “big scam” used to pump up the price of bitcoin.

Teter and Bit Phoenix have always been the target of criticism. According to many experts and researchers, Tetra seeks to manipulate the bitcoin market. Bit Phoenix and Tetra both denied the allegations:

Supply of tokens [تتر] It can not affect the increase in the price of Bitcoin or any other digital currency in Bitcoin.

In this interview, Belfort criticized the unrealistic targets for the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum, saying that these forecasts are only used to magnify the market. “It has both Ethereum and Bitcoin,” he said.

I believe that Bitcoin has the potential to eventually emerge as digital gold.

Regarding the price of bitcoin, he predicted that by the end of the year, this digital currency will reach $ 45,000 to $ 70,000. According to him, the price of Ethereum will be between $ 3,700 and $ 4,500. Earlier, Belfort had forecast $ 100,000 for Bitcoin. It is worth noting that Belfort was previously known as one of the critics of Bitcoin.


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