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Governor of the Central Bank of Iran: We offer the national digital currency on a trial basis

Ali Salehabadi, the governor of the Central Bank, in an interview about his meeting with the members of the Economic Commission of the parliament, stated that the Central Bank will offer the national digital currency of Iran on a trial basis.

According to digital currency and to Quoted Ali Salehabadi, the head of the Central Bank of the country, told reporters from the Young Journalists Club, explaining the content of his meeting with the Economic Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly:

We presented a report on the situation of the foreign exchange market and the macroeconomic area and the banking system.

He continued:

The members of the Economic Commission of the parliament tried to follow up the joint issues of the government and the parliament in the form of joint committees and reach a result.

Salehabadi clarified:

Amending the central bank law and amending the monetary and banking law are issues that have been raised for many years. At this meeting, it was decided that the Central Bank Law should be reviewed in the first stage with the coordination of the Economic Commission in the Joint Committee, so that they can express their conclusions within a certain deadline.

The head of the central bank stressed the need to amend and update the central bank law. He continued:

The issue of cryptocurrencies was discussed at today’s meeting. Due to the importance of national and non-national currency cryptocurrencies around the world, it was decided to form a working group with the cooperation of the Economic Commission, thus clarifying the position of the central bank on currency cryptocurrencies.

Salehabadi announced:

In the future, we will launch a national currency code on a trial basis, which the central bank is currently investigating. We hope that its rules will be finalized in the Monetary and Credit Council and that this event, which is limited to the countries pursued, will be launched in Iran as well.


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