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Google’s financial sector has increased the price of digital currencies

Google has added a special section for the price of digital currencies to its financial section, called Google Finance. Google Finance users can now browse the market price of digital currencies with just one click.

to the the report Coin Telegraph, Google’s financial division, has added digital currency prices to its services. This section, called “Crypto”, is in the “Compare Markets” category, next to the stock market and traditional currencies. This section displays important information about the prices of various digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Google Finance
Google Finance users can track the price of digital currencies

Alphabet Holding, the parent company of Google and owner of the YouTube video platform, has previously been criticized for banning educational content and digital currency news. The company does not appear to have a specific decision to make. Coin Telegraph and CoinDesk, one of the largest news sites in the digital currency space, were suspended on several occasions, but the suspension was lifted after YouTube confirmed that they had not broken the rules.

The digital currency market attracted a lot of attention last year, as institutional investors and large corporations began investing in this asset class. Their partnership helped boost the value of the digital currency market by more than $ 1 trillion in January. The value of the digital currency market in February (February) and before Polbeck even reached $ 1.7 trillion. At current prices, the market value of these digital assets is over $ 1.4 trillion.

Micro and institutional acceptance of digital currencies has grown rapidly over the past three months. According to Hester Peirce, a member of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), with the acceptance of digital currencies by large companies such as Tesla and MasterCard, the need for clearer regulation is increasing.

As the market continues to grow and warm, the call for clearer legislation on digital assets is likely to increase. Pierce, meanwhile, says the Biden administration could take a fresh look at the regulatory aspects.


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