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Google has entered the realm of unparalleled tokens

A Blockchain company (NFT) has signed a contract with Google and intends to increase the capacity of its ecosystem by using Google’s powerful network infrastructure. The CEO of this Blockchain company is an Iranian-origin entrepreneur.

to the Report Coin Telegraph, Google, Internet services giant, and Canadian blockchain company Dapper Labs will work together. With the help of Google, Diaper Labs is set to add support for third-generation Web3 products and services, including a market for unique tokens, to its platform.

As part of the partnership, Google Cloud will serve as a network operator for Diaper Labs’ Flowchain blockchain project, according to a report by Forbes. Such a scalable structure provides the resources needed for the entire ecosystem of non-repetitive tokens, games, and decentralized blockchain applications. Janet Kennedy, Google Cloud Vice President for North America, said the multi-year partnership will help Diaper Labs expand its business through the “secure and scalable infrastructure” that Google provides.

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Google has also made it possible for blockchain developers to use the company’s software more easily. This motivates them to choose Google Cloud as their operator from competitors such as Amazon Web Services.

Roham Ghara Gozlu, CEO of Iran-Origin Diaper Labs, welcomed Google on Tuesday and confirmed the company’s cooperation with China Flow Block.

Blockchain Flow supports some of the most popular non-replica tokens on the market, such as NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties. According to Forbes, the Top Shot Anbies collection has sold $ 230 million as of February this year. That figure has tripled to close to $ 680 million.

Earlier, some of the professional league stars, such as Michael Jordan and Coin Durant, were added to the list of other Diaper Labs investors, realizing the long-term growth potential of unparalleled tokens. Diaper Labs was able to raise a total of $ 305 million in the initial funding phase. The company was valued at $ 2.6 billion at the time.

Unprecedented tokens grew dramatically in less than a year, from a small, unknown market to a multi-billion dollar industry. The Unprecedented Tokens market hit a new record last month, with 30-day sales reaching $ 2 billion.

This year, several companies active in the field of unique tokens were able to receive significant investments. Recur, a company that specializes in unique tokens, recently raised the value of its ecosystem to $ 333 million with $ 50 million in funding from the Steve Cohen family office.


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