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Google data shows that small investors are more interested in Sheba Ino than Bitcoin

Google search data show that small investors have been paying close attention to Shiba Ino in recent weeks. Apparently, the recent record-breaking bitcoin has not been able to have a significant impact on the volume of searches for this digital currency on Google.

to the Report Crypto Potito, micro-investors have always played an important role in the digital currency market, but they do not seem to have entered the bitcoin market yet. At the very least, Google searches for the largest digital currency on the market show that. Meanwhile, Shiba micro-investors seem to have chosen Ino as their new and popular digital currency.

Bitcoin and micro-investors have moved together most of the time. In 2017, when the price of this digital currency rose and peaked at $ 20,000, it was essentially small investors who started the uptrend.

Three to four years later, when the price of bitcoin reached a new high in April, the same thing happened, and Google’s search, which is a reliable indicator of the behavior of small investors, increased again.

However, the situation seems to have changed now. The number of times the phrase “bitcoin” or “buy bitcoin” is searched in the world’s largest search engine is still relatively low. Although Bitcoin recently hit a new high of $ 67,000, Google’s search volume has increased slightly.

شیبا اینو
Graph of relative changes in bitcoin search volume (Bitcoin keyword)

Likewise, the bitcoin search term search is relatively low. However, the search statistics for these terms increased at the beginning of this year and during the previous bitcoin jump. However, this figure did not grow significantly before and after the recent $ 67,000 Bitcoin break.

شیبا اینو
Graph of relative changes in Bitcoin search volume (Buy Bitcoin keyword)

Google Trends data shows that there are many small investors in the digital currency market, but they are not looking for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Binance Coin. They have even forgotten the phenomena of 2021, namely Dogecoin and SafeMoon, and are looking for Shiba Ino instead; Currency that calls itself the killer of Dogecoin.

شیبا اینو
Chart of relative changes in Shiba Inu search volume (Shiba Inu and SHIB keywords)

As the charts above show, Shiba Ino’s weekly search statistics will surpass its previous record at the beginning of the year. In fact, as Shiba Ino set a new record at the beginning of the week, the number of searches is likely to continue to exceed the current number and almost double.

The growth of Shiba Ino searches coincides with the jump in the price of this digital currency. Shiba Inu was launched last year as a meme coin in the digital currency market. Since then, the price of this token has grown significantly thanks to the activities of micro-investors and, of course, the SHIBArmy Association on the Reddit social network, which has recently reached hundreds of thousands of followers.

Shiba Ino has had the best performance among the major currencies in the market since the beginning of this year and its return on investment has surprisingly been more than 100 million percent.

The chances of clearing the notion of such high growth from the minds of micro-investors, most of whom are looking for quick profits, are slim.

However, the digital currency community has seen many similar phenomena that have come and gone over time. Many of these great leaps have caused the suffering of those who are late. Of course, it cannot be said that this will necessarily be the case with Shiba.

In general, people who plan to invest in the future should not look for currencies that are currently controversial. They need to focus on their personal research and look for rational fundamental reasons to buy a currency.


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