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Goldman Sachs report: About half of the world’s super-rich are interested in bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin is now 50 percent below its historical high, but the super-rich do not care. They want to invest in something they believe is the next big thing in the world after the Internet.

to the Report Cryptopotito As billionaires worry about falling bitcoin prices, billionaires are increasingly fascinated by the digital currency.

Goldman Sachs’ recent research shows that at least 45% of family offices are interested in investing large sums of money in digital currencies.

Family offices are companies that manage the money of billionaires such as Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma. In general, each office manages the assets of a wealthy family.

Family offices tend to invest their clients’ money in profitable but traditional investments such as private equity, real estate or mutual funds. The report by Goldman Sachs shows that the rise in the price of digital currencies has attracted the attention of a large number of billionaires.

Goldman Sachs found that 15 percent of family offices already invest some of their clients’ wealth in digital currencies. Yet another 45% are looking for a good opportunity to invest in digital currencies in the near future, given the difficult conditions facing the global financial system.

The report, which Bloomberg was able to access, points out that digital currencies, despite their sharp fluctuations, are proving to be an attractive investment among the super-rich.

The report states:

[دفاتر خانواده فکر می‌کنند که ارزهای دیجیتال می‌توانند نقش یک پناهگاه امن را در برابر] High inflation, long-term low interest rates and other macroeconomic developments. In particular, last year’s situation was unprecedented in terms of monetary policy and fiscal stimulus.

The growing popularity of SPACs has apparently boosted investors’ appetites. Specs or companies with a specific purpose of acquisition are institutions that help a private company interested in entering the stock market to go through this process much faster and enter the stock market quickly.

According to Meena Flynn, Goldman Sachs’ partner and head of the International Department of Personal Wealth Management, the super-rich are interested in investing in digital currencies, not because of the emotional climate in the field, but because of the potential future impact of the technology. The hypothesis that digital currencies could be as important as the advent of the Internet does not seem to apply only to extremist bitcoins and bitcoin fans on Twitter.

Flynn said:

[اکثر خانواده‌ها می‌خواهند با ما] Talk about the Blockchain and digital head office technology. [بسیاری از افراد تصور می‌کنند] This technology will be just as effective in terms of efficiency and productivity as the Internet.

Digital currencies have recently gained more legitimacy. As previously reported in the media, most Goldman Sachs customers have stated that they consider bitcoin to be an asset class and would be interested in investing in digital currencies if the legal ambiguities of bitcoin are partially resolved.

However, fluctuations in the price of bitcoin have made it difficult for JP Morgan Bank to invest in bitcoin, or even to think about it more seriously, despite optimistic forecasts.


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