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From Tesla re-accepting bitcoins to SpaceX bitcoins; What did Ilan Musk say at the conference?

Ilan Musk announced for the first time that SpaceX has some bitcoin at the B Word virtual event yesterday, in a conversation with three influential figures in the field of digital currency about bitcoins and digital currencies. He also said that Tesla would resume bitcoin acceptance if it was convinced of an increase in the share of renewable energy consumption in bitcoin mining.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, and Steve Lee, at Twitter, hosted a virtual chat, according to Digital Sources, citing various sources. Steve Lee, the host of the Square Crypto interview, was also present.

Ilan Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and a well-known figure in the digital currency community, announced for the first time yesterday at the Word event that SpaceX, like Tesla, owns some bitcoins.

Elon Musk said:

Me, Tesla and SpaceX [هر سه مقداری] We have bitcoins. Of course, I personally have some Ethereum and Dogecoin.

Musk did not elaborate on the exact amount he and his companies have invested in Bitcoin, but said the bitcoin volume he has is much larger than Ethereum and Dodge Coin.

Musk also said:

We do not sell our bitcoins, neither do I personally sell my bitcoins nor SpaceX.

SpaceX has not yet officially announced how much bitcoin it has, but Tesla, another company run by Ilan Musk, bought $ 1.5 billion worth of bitcoins earlier this year, shaping the digital currency’s main uptrend. Became; The process ended shortly after Tesla stopped accepting bitcoins.

A few months ago, Elon Musk stated that the reason for Tesla’s suspension of bitcoin acceptance was the environmental damage caused by the extraction of bitcoin with fossil fuels. However, he announced at the Beer Word event yesterday that, given the move by bitcoin miners to use renewable energy, it is likely that Tesla will put the resumption of bitcoin acceptance in its payments on the agenda.

He said in this regard:

Bitcoin seems to be shifting towards more renewable energy, which is undoubtedly a significant part of this. [تغییر] It is also related to the closure of Chinese mining farms that supplied their energy needs from coal. I need to be a little more confident to be able to verify the use of renewable energy [در استخراج بیت کوین] It is 50% or more and there is a tendency to increase this figure. In this case, Tesla will resume accepting bitcoins.

In another part of the conversation, Musk reacted to the claims of some experts who accused him of carrying out pump and dump projects, saying:

If the price of bitcoin falls, I will lose too. May be [قیمت را] I pump, but I do not dump. I do not believe in raising the price and then selling it and things like that.

The CEO of Tesla made a small reference to DeFi in this conversation and said that he is a supporter of decentralized finance. He added that most decentralized protocols and exchanges operate in the Ethereum network, and he thinks this makes sense.

Musk also addressed the issue of bitcoin scalability, saying that the digital currency network could not easily support global-scale transactions and that the use of the second layer in bitcoin-based payments was essential.

Musk has said that increasing Internet bandwidth could provide a wider amount of data to network node operators. Referring to the Starlink satellite internet service provided by SpaceX, he said his company would play a key role in expanding Internet bandwidth, adding that it was possible to launch bitcoin miners at Starlink space terminals.

From Tesla re-accepting bitcoins to SpaceX bitcoins;  What did Ilan Musk say at the conference?
A picture similar to the T-shirt that Ilan Musk wore during the event

One of the fringes of the event was the T-shirt that Ilan Musk wore during the conversation. He wore a T-shirt with a bitcoin design that addressed the evolution of the use of money, depicting a narrative from the time of commodity-to-commodity exchanges to bank card payments today, and finally ending the use of bitcoin. Been.


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