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Former Chairman of the Exchange Organization: Using Miner last year was not a violation

In his recent interview, Mohammad Ali Dehghan Dehnavi, the head of the Exchange Organization, clarified the new dimensions of the case of finding miners in the Exchange. He says when it came to exploiting these miners, bitcoin mining was not a violation.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From Samatnews, Mohammad Ali Dehghan Dehnavi about the discussion related to the discovery of miner (digital currency extraction machine) in Tehran Stock Exchange Company added:

This issue is under consideration and its dimensions may not be clear and transparent; ‌ so it is not customary to report moment by moment.

He continued:

What I want to say about the miners in the stock exchange company is the set of information that has been obtained so far based on the available documents, and now more than 90% of the case has been clarified.

The farmer Dehnavi stated:

Some people still do not know the difference between a stock exchange company and a stock exchange organization. Four companies and several other companies in the capital market are under the supervision of the Exchange Organization, but they are not related to each other in terms of management and ownership, and are only under the supervision of the Exchange and Securities Organization.

The head of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization stated:

Some people, consciously or unconsciously, stated that corruption was found in the basement of the Exchange Organization or that corruption had occurred in the Exchange Organization, while the whole process took place in the Tehran Exchange Company, and that was more than a year ago. Some of these conversations are unintentional and are resolved by clarifying the distinction between the stock exchange organization and the stock exchange company, but the part that is conscious is persecution of my colleagues and they raise issues that are cowardly.

He stated:

If there is a violation in the stock exchange company and the stock exchange organization, as a supervisory body, discovers it and reports the matter before any other supervisory body, should we say that the stock exchange organization has violated and it should be investigated? An organization that discovers a violation and bravely reports it and is investigating and dealing with that violation is placed in the wrong position. Is this a sign other than personal motives and malice?

Dehvani Dehnavi, in further explaining the violation, added:

When the dimensions of the issue are stated, you will understand more how some people thought of biased and political exploitation of this issue and want to use it against the capital market.

The head of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization stated:

Based on the available documents and reviews and reports received, as well as explanations received from the members of the board and CEO of the stock company, this issue dates back to the last months of 1998, in which a committee consisting of two members of the board of directors Tehran Stock Exchange, together with the CEO and several managers of the stock exchange, decide to purchase and operate a number of minor devices.

He mentioned:

They claim that at that time, they were looking for research work in this field, using the available facilities and economic activity, and in this regard, 50 units were purchased twice and 32 units were purchased once.

Dehvani farmer added:

These devices were purchased and put into operation at the beginning of 1999, but according to them, at that time, using these devices in their current form was not considered a violation and they could do the job more easily. So they mined about three and a half bitcoins by September and then stopped it.

Regarding the entry of the organization into this issue, the head of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization said:

This action was not only against the description of duties and articles of association of the stock exchange company, but also the way of reporting and recording this financial information was incomplete, ie the purchase of devices was registered in the accounts of the stock exchange company, but the bitcoin mined did not appear in the company accounts. Of course, in justifying it, they have stated the absence or ambiguity in accounting accounting standards.

He further explained:

These investigations revealed the occurrence of a violation in the company, and the Exchange Organization, in line with its main goals of promoting transparency, considered it its duty to reveal this issue, and I, as the head of the organization, adhere to this issue that should be dealt with if there is a violation.

Dehghan Dehnavi added: “These days we are facing two spectrums of people. A group tells us why the issue is so small, that is, compared to the volume of financial activity of the stock exchange company, which amounts to one thousand billion tomans, it is considered a small issue worth 3 billion tomans.” You have made it clear that ignorant people with biases give it wings and make a margin out of it. In response to this group of my friends, I believe that if a violation has taken place, regardless of its size, it is my duty to identify and report it. And this is while it happened at a time when I was not in the stock exchange organization.

The member of the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange continued:

On the other hand, some people magnify the issue that they want to exploit in other ways. Some people are hostile to the capital market and want to benefit from it, and others think that because of the enmity with certain people in the capital market, they have now acquired a subject that they can exploit for their own interests and purposes. .

He emphasized:

My answer to all these people is that political, non-political and unprofessional exploitation will bring you nothing but scandal, and the stock exchange organization in this case does not deviate from the path of transparency or justice, this is our firm path.

From the first days of October, the issue of making public the discovery of several miners in the basement of the Exchange Company by the security and belonging of these devices to a specific person was accompanied by many attacks by shareholders and officials in the Exchange Organization. In the building of Tehran Stock Exchange, he confirmed the transparency and its existence in this company.


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