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Five high-efficiency digital currencies to look out for

Bitcoin has long been the target of much criticism for its high network power consumption. China has previously sought to tighten its grip on bitcoin mining, citing similar concerns.

News, in Report It has just turned to five digital currencies that are highly efficient in terms of energy consumption. According to the website, the bulk of bitcoin mining is based on coal-fired power plants and has a high carbon footprint.

Latino Bitcoin (LTNM)

Bitcoin Latinum is one of the most efficient digital currencies in terms of energy consumption, built with a similar idea to the idea of ​​Bitcoin. The main difference between Latino Bitcoin and the original Bitcoin is that the network of this digital currency uses stock proof instead of using a proof of work mechanism. In this mechanism, nodes approve transactions through shareholding instead of extraction.

This digital currency is the next generation of bitcoin forks, which is more compatible with nature, is faster, and its security is higher due to the use of stock proof mechanism. It is claimed that this digital currency is used in areas such as media, communications, computer games and cloud computing.

Nano (NANO)

Nano carbon footprint is very small. Only 0.000112 kWh of energy is consumed for each transaction. Nano-mining is not based on mining and transactions are processed with very little energy. Nano uses low energy for fast and fee-free transactions.

The novelty of nano has added to its appeal. According to experts, this digital currency is an attractive option for those investors who are looking for new projects due to its low transaction fees.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano does not need much introduction. This digital currency uses a kind of special stock proof that is nature friendly. In Cardano, each transaction requires a random node. Cardano is one of Ethereum’s competitors and has seen significant growth in recent months.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple can be considered one of the greenest digital currencies on the market. This digital currency consumes only 0.0079 kWh of processing each transaction, making it one of the most efficient digital currencies on the market.

In Ripple network, extraction of tokens does not make sense and new tokens enter the network through a special mechanism. If the majority confirms the validity of a stamped transaction, the transaction will be valid.

Headra Hash Graph (HBAR)

Headra hash graph is one of the new digital currencies in this field. Headra hash has no graph like nano token extraction and transactions are very fast. So far, Headra HashGraph has been able to sign good partnerships with big names such as Google, IBM, Boeing and Fortune 500 companies.

According to statistics, the number of daily transactions of this network is more than 6.5 million transactions.


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