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Firoozabadi: More than 4,000 billion tomans of bitcoin is traded daily in Tehran

Abolhassan Firoozabadi, secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace and head of the National Cyberspace Center and the upcoming presidential candidate, in a recent interview, referring to the volume of 4,000 billion Tomans of bitcoin transactions in Tehran, said that the existing concerns about legislation has it.

According to Arzdigital, Firoozabadi also mentioned the issue of digital currencies in his recent interview with Khabar Fori. “The digital currency market is global,” he said.

In the discussion of cryptocurrencies, like the media, friends do not realize the digital evolution and networking and globalization. Many jobs no longer require government permission, and work is done without government permission.

He said in this regard:

Some friends try not to write rules and regulations in this area.

According to Firoozabadi, it is “conservative” that the central bank seeks to answer the questions of what is the stability of digital currencies, what is their backing or what is its owner. He continued:

[البته] These are questions and I will not go into them.

“People are not familiar enough with digital currencies,” he said, adding that this is why scams are taking place. “The cryptocurrency is based on ‘anonymity,'” he said.

The first thing that comes to mind is that something is being done on it that is against the rules of the institutions (both global and local).

“Using digital currencies to circumvent sanctions,” he said.

It is not true to say that sanctions can be circumvented with cryptocurrencies; If Americans really do as hard as they do in official currencies, in that area [رمزارزها] If they act, they can still create many problems, equivalent to Fiat’s problems.

He said about the extraction discussion:

many of them [ماینرها] They are ready to build a power plant and for the power plant they are ready to buy oil or energy consumed by the power plant at export price; Well, in the name of God, let us legalize these actions. Of course, good measures have been taken.

He further addressed the Central Bank in the discussion of exchange offices and licenses for such activities:

The Central Bank should set the rules for exchange offices. Gentlemen, we are worried that if we allow the exchanges to work, today bitcoin will be $ 50,000 and tomorrow it will be $ 5,000; Something that is not unlikely to happen. Statement a few months ago through the National Center [فضای مجازی] We warned people.

He further said that the statistics of the National Cyberspace Center show that at least 3 to 4 thousand billion tomans of bitcoin transactions are done daily in Tehran.

“He believes the government is committed to the people,” he said.

The fact that I am afraid that the people’s money will be lost and thrown away and that they will demand from the government and set fire to an exchange office, that they will say what happened to our money, is not a reason not to help the people.

Firoozabadi said that some people believe that if we pump the literacy of the people in this area, people will go more towards buying digital currencies. He said about this:

Buying bitcoins is to the detriment of the country’s economy. [با این کار] We risk the country’s economy and make the country’s economy go into a gamble.


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