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Firoozabadi: Buying bitcoin gambles the country’s economy / Iran is a paradise for miners

Abolhassan Firouzabadi, secretary of the newly-elected Supreme Council of Cyberspace, recently called Iran a paradise for minors, citing the need for bitcoin training.

to the the report In an interview with Khabarfari, Arzdigital Digital, Firoozabadi, stated that bitcoin “gambles” the country’s economy.

He went on to say that the necessary training should be provided to the people.

Firoozabadi also stressed the need for legislation in this area, noting the “structuring” of digital currencies in the country.

He also called Iran a “paradise for miners”; According to him, cheap energy has made Iran such a position in the field of bitcoin mining and digital currencies.

It is worth noting that the details of this conversation have not yet been published.


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