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Firoozabadi: Bitcoin should not become part of the country’s currency

Abolhassan Firoozabadi, secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, said in a recent interview that the council approves the production and extraction of bitcoins and digital currencies if managed, but opposes the use of these currencies as the country’s common currency.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From the Young Journalists Club, bitcoin or cryptocurrency mining has been common in the country for some time, and with the fluctuations of its price in the world, the production of this digital currency experienced a growing trend in the country. Meanwhile, the unbridled growth of bitcoin mining is causing a lot of damage to the country.

Abolhassan Firoozabadi, Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace, in an interview with the Young Journalists Club, explained about bitcoin mining management in Iran and its applications:

The National Cyberspace Center has entered the subject of cryptocurrencies; If the production of bitcoin mining or cryptocurrency is managed in the country, we will approve it and believe that it can be useful, because it exports energy and is part of the country’s economy, but about whether bitcoin wants to become part of the country’s currency or We are against saving the country’s assets and finances.

The Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace continued:

We should use the capacities of cryptocurrencies to facilitate trade and money circulation in the country, but if we want a large part of the country’s wealth to be frozen in a virtual thing, we do not agree and we will not facilitate this issue.


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