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Fictitious hostage-taking for stealing bitcoins; The story of a man who stole himself!

A Venezuelan man who has been posing as a financial advisor for some time has staged a hostage situation and identified himself as a victim and then confiscated his clients’ bitcoins. Venezuelan police say he stole about 1.15 million bitcoins.

to the Report Coin Telegraph, Venezuelan authorities are looking for a scam that is accused of withdrawing $ 23.15 million worth of bitcoins from its customers’ accounts after a fake hijacking.

Douglas Rico, director of the Venezuelan Department of Scientific, Criminal Investigation and Crime Investigation, issued a statement on August 29 announcing that 23-year-old Andres Jesus Dos Santos Hernandez had been charged. Money laundering and fraud have been prosecuted by the country’s largest national police department.

Officials say the hostage-taking may have been a staging by Hernandez, as his clients’ Bainance accounts have been empty since his disappearance. According to Rico, police believe that Hernandez staged a kidnapping in which the kidnappers forced him to enter the Bainance platform, make transfers to various wallets, and completely withdraw his clients’ digital currencies.

The suspect is believed to have disguised himself as a financial advisor before requesting bitcoin from several local investors. Officials say Hernandez stole a total of 23.66 bitcoins.

Venezuela has long been one of the world’s leading Bitcoin acceptance hubs, and citizens have turned to digital currencies to counter the rampant inflation that has gripped the country for the past decade.

Venezuelans use digital currencies as a tool to store value, access international markets, and convert their assets into US dollars.

As the Venezuelan government uses Petro, its oil-backed national digital currency, to seize control of the country’s digital currency market, there is little evidence of widespread acceptance of the currency since its inception. This country exists.


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