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FiCAS ETP product got the green light to expand in Europe

FiCAS AG has announced in a recent announcement that it has licensed ETP‌ to supply its digital currencies across Europe.

To Report Ficas’ CoinDesk announced on Thursday that it has received a license to trade its active digital currency exchange (BTCA). Previously, the product was only traded on the Swiss stock market, and now the company can offer its products to a wider range of investors. FTPAS ETP was launched in July 2020 in the Swiss SIX market.

With an EU license, Fikas can now offer its products to a wide range of investors on the continent. Investors can invest in BTCA through their broker or bank.

Ali Mizani Oskooi, founder of Ficas, says:

Access to the European market is an important step in our mission to launch the first active stock exchange product for micro-investors and professional investors in Europe.

In this ETP, Bitcoin is traded with other digital currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Fikas has announced in a new statistic that the capital under the management of this company reached more than 5 million dollars last week.


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