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FATA Police: People should take care of their digital currencies

In a recent interview, Col. Ali Mohammad Rajabi, head of the NAJA Fatwa Police Cyber ​​Crime Detection and Prevention Center, stressed the importance of protecting capital in the digital currency market, citing issues to protect capital in the digital currency market.

According to digital currency reports and to Quoted From ISNA, Colonel Ali Mohammad Rajabi said about this:

To protect your digital currency password, users will need to register and confirm a unique email for use on their preferred platform before opening an account on their preferred platform.

“Users need to remember to set a strong password and keep it secure,” he said.

Also, in no case should they display the email and phone number related to the currency code account on their social media account or other spaces, and if for some reason they are forced to do so, they should pay attention to a different number and email for wallets and exchange offices. To use.

The head of the NAJA Fatwa Police Cyber ​​Crime Detection and Prevention Center emphasized:

It should also be noted that users should never install their applications from anonymous sources, and we strongly recommend that you install applications from reputable markets and always check users’ opinions about them before installation.


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