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Famous YouTuber: I regret spending about 37 bitcoins to buy a car in 2017

One YouTuber regrets spending 37 bitcoins to buy two Honda cars. The current value of this bitcoin is $ 1.8 million. He says he is depressed to see the current price of Bitcoin.

to the the report Cryptoniomedia, the significant increase in the value of the Bitcoin market has undoubtedly made many impatient investors regret spending their bitcoins; Because they have spent their bitcoins on things that are now much less valuable than the price of this digital currency. One of the newest ones is about a YouTuber. He released a video titled “The idiot who spent $ 1.8 million on bitcoins for old Honda.” He says he is depressed to see the current price of Bitcoin.

Chris Cut, a Honda car enthusiast with the username “NSXTRA”, narrates in this video that he paid $ 30,500 in 2017 to buy a Honda NXS Targa. Bitcoin was priced at around $ 1,000 at the time, which means he spent about 30.5 bitcoins at the time. At the time, NSXTRA considered the car deal a good deal, so much so that it called it a “theft.” According to him, this happened right on Valentine’s Day.

Later in 2018, he bought another Honda car on Black Friday with about 6.5 bitcoins. At the time, each bitcoin was trading at $ 4,300. In total, he spent about 37 bitcoins to buy Honda cars, and now he regrets it, because these digital currencies are worth more than $ 1.8 million at today’s bitcoin price. He said:

I did some calculations, I am angry with myself and I feel depressed. Obviously I regret it, because I could have bought some NSX cars at that price today. I originally converted 37 bitcoins to 2 bitcoins.

Last year, a tech reporter in the United States regretted spending 10 bitcoins at a sushi dinner party in 2013. At the time, the value of his bitcoins was $ 1,000. But that bitcoin is now worth more than $ 490,000, and it can be used to buy a lot of sushi.


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