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Famous billionaire: Dogecoin reaches the price of one dollar and becomes a stable Coin

Mark Cuban, the famous American billionaire, predicted that the price of Dogecoin would grow steadily up to one dollar, but after that it would remain unchanged.

to the the report Dogecoin was created in 2013 simply as a joke about the popular Shiba Inu dog humor on the Internet. But the digital currency has risen 23,000 percent in the past year to a record price of $ 0.69 this week, ranking fourth in terms of market value, and such growth is not funny.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and billionaire investor, believes that the Dogecoin grows straight up to a dollar, but stays the same when it reaches that price.

Koban, who previously wrote about Dogecoin on his Twitter page with 8.3 million followers, said in a virtual meeting hosted by the script on Thursday:

In my opinion [دوج کوین] It stabilizes in a dollar and becomes something like StableCoin. Then you can use it or save it. This is another currency [به دلار] Remains dependent… currently fluctuates in 60, 70 or 80 cents for some time. But my guess is that it will stay on one dollar for a long time. Of course, this is just a guess.

Kuban said his forecast is based on what he thinks DodgeCoin transactions are easier to do, so this digital currency can act more like a currency than Bitcoin (BTC). The second basis of Kuban’s statement is that although the Dodge Coin supply ceiling is not as limited as Bitcoin, the number of coins produced in one year is a fixed amount of 5.2 billion coins.

The American billionaire also said:

Even when I first started talking about this digital currency, I did not know that 5.2 billion Dodge Coins are generated every year.

Given the billions of coins that currently exist, the Dogecoin inflation rate is declining, there is a limit to the Dogecoin inflation, and of course this is a positive point.

Like it or not, this is almost a digital equivalent for Fiat; Because you can have it, you know the exact rate of inflation that is declining, and that rate is only 5.2 billion units a year.

Kuban added that as long as Dogecoin has real uses, it will not be just a trading tool. He stated:

Dodge usage is increasing in terms of currency. You can go to the Dallas Mavericks team store and spend Dodge, and we sell a lot more Dodge Coins than Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Now about the challenge facing Dogecoin; Of course, people get angry at me for this, but the challenge is to make Dogecoin very expensive. That’s when it falls into the realm of bitcoin, where they say, “Wow, I invested a lot of money in Dodge Coin, I really want it to be more expensive.”

Apart from Mavericks and some other sports-related markets for Dogecoin, the list of top institutions or companies that accept Dogecoin is short. But Kuban claims that BitPay, the payment platform Mavericks uses to accept Dogecoin, is rapidly accepting new vendors.

Kuban also had a message for the Robinhood trading platform, which stopped trading several times due to Dogecoin’s buying madness.

He said:

Maybe Vlad Tenef [مدیرعامل رابینهود] He does not like to hear this from me; But if Robin Hood facilitates the use of Dogecoin on his platform, it will explode and Dogecoin will have a spectacular future.

Despite all these remarks, Kuban also spoke about his Dogecoin assets at the end of an online meeting. He said he has only a few tens of thousands of dollars Dodge paid by Mavericks fans, plus a little over the $ 1,000 Dogecoin he bought with his son a few months ago to introduce him to the digital currency market.

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks explained:

People think I owe Dogecoin millions of dollars, but I do not. My Dogecoin assets are the ones paid for in the Mavericks store and I bought some with my son and I did it just for fun. I do not pump anything to make big money. I have not sold anything, so there is no pump.


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