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Famous analyst: Two digital currencies are ready to jump

Scott Melker, a leading strategist and analyst in the digital currency market, has said that buying and selling bitcoins is like “walking on a razor’s edge.” He also mentioned two Quini penises that he said were ready to jump.

to the Report Scott Hodder Daily Hoodel told his 573,800 followers on Twitter that he expects Bitcoin to continue its uptrend, reaching $ 52,956.

The analyst said:

Buying and selling bitcoins is a walk on the razor’s edge. The fake Walmart news was about to cause [موقعیت معاملاتی که باز کرده بودم] Reach your limit. [به‌خاطر این خبر] I lost $ 30. Now the price has increased by 10% and I have traded with a factor of 10 from the beginning. [چندان] Not Bad.

Famous analyst: Two digital currencies are ready to jump
Bitcoin Price Chart (4-Hour Bitcoin / Dollar Market View)

Melker added that he believes that Bitcoin will have an upward performance in the long run due to its fundamental features.

Says Malker:

Graphs are like Internet comics. We all love these charts. Using these charts is great for trading, but eventually the price of bitcoin goes up, because bitcoin is an anti-inflation asset in an inflationary world. There is no reason for bitcoin to decline in the long run.

Among other digital currencies, one Altcoin has caught the eye of Melker, and that platform is based on the ChinTron block. He predicts that Theron will start a small downtrend before breaking the $ 0.11 resistance and then rise to the $ 0.18 range.

Famous analyst: Two digital currencies are ready to jump
Theron price chart (1-day view of Theron market / dollar)

Malker said:

What you want to see is the formation of a flag at the current level [۰.۰۹ دلار], Followed by price increases and purchases at the level of $ 0.11 or even higher at the level of $ 0.12.

The next currency that Melker mentions is VeChain, China’s supply chain management platform. Melker says he needs China to break its nearest resistance to cross the $ 0.27 mark.

Famous analyst: Two digital currencies are ready to jump
Wei China Price Chart (1-Day View of Wei China Market / Dollar)

This analyst says:

Now I really wanted to be above $ 0.15. This [سطح] Is a key resistance. China is a very big project, it has real partners and it will make tremendous progress.


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