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Facebook digital currency is being tested this year

Informed sources report that Facebook’s stable project Diem will be launched during a pilot project this year. The project will be small-scale and will use US dollars to support DIM.

to the the report The Telegraph, an unnamed source, has said that it is likely that the Diem digital currency project, backed by Facebook, will begin trial use of its first StableCoin on a small scale this year.

The Diem Association, a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, is still trying to make its $ 2021 StableCoin in 2021, CNBC quoted an unnamed source as saying in an April 20 report. To test.

In November of last year, the Diem Association announced plans to launch a limited dollar-based stable coin in January 2021, but months later it has not been launched yet.

StableQueen is a scaled-down version of Facebook’s initial project for a global digital currency on its own platform called Libra, which was supposed to be a portfolio of several Fiat currencies.

Experts point to major changes in the ongoing project, which have taken place in response to strong reactions from global regulators and governments.

Ran Goldi, CEO of First Digital Assets Group, told CNN:

Over the past year and a half, DIY infrastructure technology has grown dramatically from a clumsy blockchain to a highly advanced blockchain; As far as you can see, it tries to answer some of the questions of regulators.

First Digital Estes Group is building the infrastructure for retailers to facilitate the use of DIM as a payment tool.

Meanwhile, Deim is still awaiting approval and payment authorization from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Organization. Experts interviewed by Cyanobci expressed optimism. Michael Gronager, CEO of Chainalysis, said:

I think this year [دییم] From the gates [تنظیم مقررات] passes. Otherwise, it is a missed opportunity.


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