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Every Australian who gets vaccinated gets bitcoins!

An Australian millionaire has said he will give some bitcoins to anyone who gets vaccinated to encourage them to get the Corona vaccine.

to the Report Crypto Potito, Fred Schebesta, an Australian entrepreneur, has said he wants to give $ 5 bitcoin to everyone who has been vaccinated and will receive the corona vaccine in the future. Considering the Australian population, if all citizens welcome the millionaire’s offer, he should distribute 104 million Australian dollars (about 75 million US dollars) among the people.

Fred Shabesta, co-founder of the Finder Financial Services Comparison website, announced his plan to donate $ 5 of bitcoin to Australians who have received the vaccine since February. The wealthy entrepreneur said that those who are about to get vaccinated will also benefit from his offer.

Shabesta said:

So far I have had this stupid idea [اما] I had never talked about it. We want to give $ 5 bitcoin to anyone who gets vaccinated in Australia. My dear ones, get vaccinated and get bitcoins!

The 40-year-old blogger explained that each person can only apply for the offer once. To receive this amount of bitcoins, people must download the Finder application and provide their vaccination documents. Once this is done, $ 5 of Bitcoin will be credited to their wallet.

Nearly 50% of the population over the age of 16 in Australia has received at least one dose of the Corona vaccine. However, about 27% of people who have fully vaccinated. On this account, Shabesta must distribute approximately half of its $ 155 million fortune to fulfill its promise to the people.

While some experts consider bitcoin to be an unstable and risky asset, the millionaire recently predicted that the price of bitcoin would reach $ 255,000 by 2025. If this prediction comes true, bitcoin investors will have 6 times the value of their assets.

Shabesta made the announcement in an interview with Radio Australia host Kyle Sandilands. The host of the interview last month performed the song “Vaccinate Baby” to encourage citizens to get the Corona vaccine.

While Shabesta encourages Australians to get vaccinated by donating bitcoins, fraudsters in Italy have provided thousands of counterfeit corona vaccine cards in exchange for digital currencies.

According to recent reports, Italian police have stopped several groups from operating on Telegram. Individuals in these groups circumvented the law and purchased certificates for the corona vaccine. Vendors are said to have preferred digital currency payments to provide services.

The perpetrators did not set a fixed price for these illegal services, but individuals could purchase them for as little as € 500, or $ 588. Italian officials have not yet said what digital currencies the fraudsters used to sell fake certificates.

Italy is one of the European countries most affected by the Covid-19 virus epidemic. According to the latest statistics released by the government, more than 65% of Italians have been fully vaccinated so far. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.


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