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Ethereum’s $ 800 million revenue last month; The 2018 record was broken

Ethereum miners earned $ 800 million in January, up from a previous record in 2018.

To Report The Block reports that more than $ 311 million in January mining revenue comes from online transaction fees, which account for about 40 percent of total revenue.

The increase in transaction fees and the rise of Ethereum prices above $ 1,400 last month pushed mining revenue beyond the $ 762 million record in January 2018.

The new data also show that the daily income of Ethereum miners per mega hash per second (MH / s) of processing power also reached a record unprecedented since early 2018.

Monthly income of Ethereum miners
Monthly income of Ethereum miners

According to the F2Pool index, the most advanced Ethereum extraction equipment on the market, such as the Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card or the Inosilicon ISIC A10 Pro, make around $ 62 a day.

It should not be forgotten that Ethereum ISICs and powerful graphics cards on the market, like Bitcoin miners, are experiencing significant supply shortages. This is a hassle for gamers who need Nvidia or AMD graphics cards.

Reports indicate that the monthly revenue of bitcoin mining in January also broke the record for December 2017.


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