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Ethereum will implement the Berlin Update with 4 improvement plans

Update Berlin, the latest upgrade to the Ethereum network, is scheduled to launch on April 14 (April 25, 1400) on the main Ethereum network. This update implements 4 Ethereum improvement projects on the network.

to the the report Coin Telegraph, the Ethereum community, will launch the Berlin update next month after months of planning. The Berlin Update is one of the most important updates to the Ethereum roadmap.

According to Tim Beiko, the Berlin update is scheduled to take place on Block 12,244,000 or April 14 on Ethereum’s main network. Ropsten will be the first test network to launch Berlin. An update is scheduled for March 10 in Rapsten. After Rapstein, the Goerli and Rinkeby test networks will operate in Berlin on March 17 (March 27) and March 24, 1400, respectively.

Ethereum Nodes has been suggested to upgrade their nodes (Net Test and Main Network) to versions that support Berlin by April 7 (April 18). Explaining this issue, Biko said:

Ethereum nodes must be upgraded to their preferred networks before the fork block is upgraded. Due to the variability of the block time, it is suggested that this be done before that date.

It is worth noting that money changers, wallets and people who have ether do not need to do anything, and this update will not change their planning and current affairs.

Four Ethereum improvement projects (EIP) are to be implemented in Fork Berlin. These four plans are:

  • Improvement Plan No. 2565: Aiming to reduce the cost of ModExp
  • Improvement Plan No. 2929: Aiming to increase specified costs
  • Improvement Plan No. 2718: Aiming to introduce a new type of transactions
  • 2930 Improvement Plan: Aimed at providing a type of transaction with optional access lists

Before Berlin, we saw two updates from Istanbul and Muir Glacier. These updates were operational in December 2019 and January 2020, respectively. The name Berlin is taken from Devcon 0, which was held in Berlin. The next update is called London and refers to Shop 1, which was held in London.

Analysts believe that the current Ethereum price trend is influenced by the launch of the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade. Before the full launch of this update, we will see the launch of several other upgrade plans, and eventually the Ethereum Consensus Protocol will change from proof-of-work to proof-of-stock.

Ethereum is currently trading at $ 1,817, up about 5% from the last 24 hours.


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