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Ethereum transaction with a fee of $ 23.7 million; What was the story about?

It has recently been reported on social media and networks that an exchange has mistakenly paid $ 23.7 million for a $ 100,000 transfer to Ethereum. But what is the story of this transfer and what has happened to the lost 23.7 million dollars?

to the Report CryptoGlobe, a decentralized exchange of DeversiFi, erroneously paid $ 23.7 million two days ago to transfer $ 100,000 Teter to Ethereum.

data Etherscan Blockchain Explorer (Etherscan) shows that the Ethereum WiFi Diversion Exchange paid $ 23.7 million ($ 23.7 million) for a $ 100,000 transaction fee. The average fee on this network is about 0.0089 Ethereum, which is approximately equal to $ 26.

Diversi Wi said on Twitter that the transaction was carried out using a hardware wallet and through the user interface of the exchange, and that the cost of gas was incorrectly considered high. This wrong transaction was done in a block extracted by one of Ethereum’s top 10 miners. In the last 7 days, this miner has been one of the top Ethereum miners in terms of the number of blocks extracted. This is probably the highest dollar fee ever paid.

Interestingly, Diversi Wi announced yesterday that Miner Block, in which the transaction took place, had returned all the 7626 misplaced Ethereums.

Diversi Wi wrote on Twitter:

The Blockchain is immutable, but the transformation we are part of is defined by human values. Thanks to Ethereum Miner Block # 13307440 and we can confirm that he has returned 7,626 Ethereums that were mistakenly paid as a fee today. Tomorrow [مطلبی را درباره] We will publish the reason for this mistake.

This transaction was performed using the new Ethereum EIP-1559 protocol. The purpose of launching this protocol in the Ethereum Blockchain is to make it easier to predict network fees. In this mechanism, an amount is defined as the base fee, which increases in parallel with demand and is then burned. With the launch of the fee-burning mechanism in August, and at the same time as the London update, more than 383,721 Ethereum units have been burned and taken out of the network.

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This wrong transaction was related to the transfer of some tether between Bitfinex and Divers WiFi. These two exchanges are closely related to each other. Two of the three founders of Diversi Wi were active at Bit Phoenix before joining the decentralized exchange. The connection between the two exchanges allows users to move the Quinn Teter table between Diverse WiFi and Bit Phoenix at the lowest cost.

A Beat Phoenix spokesman said they were also awaiting a WiFi diversion investigation to determine why. It is worth mentioning that Diversi Wi has now published an article on the reasons for this error on its website.


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