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Ethereum prices hit record highs again; Nearly 4 thousand dollars!

Less than a week after Ethereum first hit $ 3,000, the digital currency hit a new record, rising to $ 3,855.

to the the report The price of ether, the digital currency of Ethereum China’s blockchain, continued to rise recently, setting a new record on Saturday at $ 3,800. Of course, this was somewhat predictable, and many people waited for the price of ether to rise due to the widespread acceptance of decentralized finance (NFT) and non-proxy tokens (NFT).

The new record of $ 3,855 came less than a week after the digital currency first reached $ 3,000. Ethereum has since returned some of its profitability, rising 8.96% in the past 24 hours to $ 3,839.

The price of the world’s second largest digital currency (in terms of market volume) has quadrupled this year, indicating better performance than Bitcoin. The price of bitcoin has doubled this year.

Ethereum is currently valued at $ 443.8 billion, well above Johnson & Johnson, Walmart and UnitedHealth.

If Ethereum continues its upward trend, it will not be long before its market value reaches half the market value of $ 1.107 trillion bitcoins.

The recent rise in Ethereum prices has coincided with an increase in the interest and interest of institutional investors and Wall Street companies in this digital currency.

Late last month, FundStrat, an investment research firm, predicted that the price of Ethereum could rise to $ 10,000 this year. The company cited growth in defenses and advances in Internet-based financial applications to substantiate its claim.

The price of Bitcoin, the premier digital currency, is once again approaching $ 60,000. The price of Bitcoin rose 2.73% to $ 59,207 at the time of writing.

Ethereum prices hit record highs again;  Nearly 4 thousand dollars!
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