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Ethereum is one step closer to version 2.0; Successful stock transfer proof test

The Ethereum Foundation recently hosted an event to test the upgrade process to Ethereum 2.0, in which it successfully transferred a test-based trial network to a stock-proofing mechanism.

to the Report YouTodi, Tim Beiko, researcher and supervisor of the Ethereum 2.0 project at the Ethereum Foundation, yesterday published an article about the process of launching a new version of the Amphora Devnet network. Amphora DeNet is an out-of-chain network used in experiments with the Ethereum 2.0 transmission process. But why is this network important for launching the second version of Ethereum?

A post that Beiko shared on Twitter shows that during the Amphora event, a version of the Amphora de Netha, called Pithos, was launched that could work with Ethereum 2.0.

It can be said that the core of the Ethereum developer community has now entered the final stage of testing its incentive network, or DNET. DuNets are “public networks whose technical specifications have become more difficult to test by the developer community.”

Teams such as Besu, Erigon, EthereumJS, Geth, Nethermind, Nimbus, Lighthouse, Lodestar, Quilt, Prysm and Teku, who were involved in implementing Ethereum II client versions, also attended the Amphora event.

The agenda of the Amphora meeting consisted of five different sections, all of which were successfully completed. To reach the final stage, or “M5”, a test-based network of 10,000 credentials per 100 nodes was moved to stock proof, bringing the chain to a final stage.

Finally, on October 14 (October 22), a more stable and final version of the Amphora De Net, or Pitus, test network was launched to facilitate subsequent tests.

Recently, on October 8, an experimental update to transfer Ethereum to the second version was successfully performed on a secret multi-client test network.


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