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Ethereum Altair Update runs for another hour; What changes can we expect?

The new Ethereum network update, called Altair, is scheduled to run in the next few hours. This update is the first step in merging the Beacon Chain-proof network with the main Ethereum network.

to the Report Crypto News, this update is aimed at “preparing low-risk” operations to merge Bacon China and the main network or Ethereum Mainnet. The merger of these blockchains occurs when Ethereum’s core network, secured by a proof-of-work mechanism, is combined with a network based on China Bacon stock proofs.

According to the Ethereum Foundation, the update will add support for Light Client to the network, streamline audits of China Bacon Incentives, address some of the problems with credit rating financial incentives, and implement punitive parameters. .

Light Node (Light Node) is a piece of software that connects to Full Nodes to create network interaction.

As Ethereum developers have said, this upgrade has no effect on the Ethereums on the network, which are usually stored in personal wallets or digital currency exchanges, and only makes the network more technically efficient.

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It is possible that the bird update is the only main network update to China Bacon. Bacon China was activated in December last year before the transfer of Ethereum to the stock proof mechanism.

Bacon China Introduces Staking Capability to Ethereum Ecosystem However, currently users who want to share Ethereum will not be allowed to withdraw their Ethereums until the network is fully transferred from the proof-of-work mechanism to the proof-of-stock.

Tim Beiko, one of Ethereum’s leading developers, claims that the update will make it easier for people to interact with the network and reduce penalties for punitive parameters for those who share. He stressed that the Ethereum network can be upgraded to Chinese bacon without any problems.

At the time of writing, 86 percent of Ethereum Nodes are ready to upgrade, according to NodeWatch. It should be noted that the bird is updated less than three months after the London Hardfork.


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