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Ethereum 2.0: Altair Update Ethereum launches next month

The next update of the Ethereum network is scheduled for next month. This update brings Ethereum one step closer to a full transition to a stock proof mechanism.

to the Report Coin Telegraph, Ethereum Network Update is getting closer and closer to the scalable stock consensus model for which long-term planning was done, and the developers of this network have set the date for the next update, Altair.

According to Danny Ryan, a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, the performance of Alt Air, known as the first upgrade of the main network to Beacon Chain, is scheduled for the Epoch 74,240 extraction period, around October 27 (November 5). Has been.

The extraction period is the period of time it takes for 30,000 new blocks to be built in the Ethereum network.

Ryan said of the Alt Air update:

This update brings Light Client support for core consensus, incentive auditing status in Bacon [چین] Addresses some issues related to network validation incentives and implements punitive parameters under EIP-2982.

The Ethereum EIP-2982 Improvement Plan adds punitive parameters to the network to ensure capital security in the stock proof protocol. “Disclosure of passivity” and “reduction of share” are the two fines proposed by the Ethereum 2982 Improvement Plan.

Hardfork London was almost on schedule on August 5 and launched the EIP-1559 improvement plan. Proponents of EIP-1559 claim that the plan is an anti-inflationary mechanism, as it burns base fees and reduces Ethereum circulation.

Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys, says Hardfork London is putting Ethereum on the path to becoming a value-saving currency. Currency refers to the ability to store the value of an asset whose value does not fall suddenly and the purchasing power of its holders is not diminished.

Ethereum prices fell sharply on Tuesday, and other digital currencies in the market, like stocks and other high-risk assets, were sold at lower prices. Ethereum is currently trading at around $ 2,900 and has not changed much in the last 24 hours.


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