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Elon Musk on Twitter: Do not try to get rich with Dogecoin because Dogecoin is money!

In his latest tweet, Ilan Musk once again talked about Dogecoin, using a humorous image from the famous Matrix movie, to try to tell his followers that Dogecoin has exactly the same function as money.

to the Report Youtudi, Tesla CEO Ilan Musk and a big Dogecoin fan, recently asked his followers to change their perception of a world based on Fiat currencies.

The rugged millionaire posted a humorous picture of the famous “Matrix” movie on Twitter yesterday, in which Neo, the main character of the movie, is a beautiful dog who replaces Morpheus, another Matrix character. “What are you trying to explain to me?” He asked. “Can I get rich with Dogecoin?”

Following the conversation, Shiba Inu’s dog tells Neo actor Keanu Reeves that Dogecoin is actually a kind of money, and urges him to stop focusing on Fiat currency profits.

Elon Musk on Twitter: Do not try to get rich with Dogecoin because Dogecoin is money!
Elon Musk tweet image

This is not the first time that Musk has caused controversy in his tweets with references from the Matrix movie. Earlier in May 2020, he encouraged his followers to “choose the red pill.”

Ilan Musk’s phrase refers to a famous part of the story of The Matrix, in which Morpheus asks Neo to choose between blue and red tablets. In this sequence, Morpheus tells Neo that if he chooses the blue pill, he will forget all the strange things he has gone through and return to normal life, but if he chooses the red pill, he will leave the fictitious world of the Matrix and enter the real world. He enters and there will be many challenges ahead. The term has taken on an offensive connotation since it was coined by some radical groups that want their followers to turn a blind eye to the lies of society.

Ilan Musk criticized the US government during last week’s The B Word virtual conference, saying the government was acting like a real “super-company”.

Musk had said:

I think it is wrong to think of the government and the digital currency industry as two separate things. Government [مانند] Is a real super company.

1 Dodge = 1 Dodge?

This recent meme seems to have been derived from the “totology”‘s homology that has penetrated the bitcoin community, which does not want to be too involved in dollar prices.

This could alleviate some of Dogecoin’s investors, who have been hurt by a 73% drop in the digital currency’s price from a record high of $ 0.73 on May 8.

Elon Musk’s recent remarks have somewhat taken Dogecoin out of trouble and boosted the digital currency by 3%.

Elon Musk on Twitter: Do not try to get rich with Dogecoin because Dogecoin is money!
Dogecoin price chart (1 hour view of Dogecoin / Tetra market)

Limiting the total supply of bitcoins to 21 million units can prevent the formation of inflation in the market of this digital currency. However, unlike Bitcoin, Dodge Coin is unlimited.

Mark Cuban, the wealthy owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and another prominent supporter of Dogecoin, claims that inflation can actually make Dogecoin a successful currency.

During the virtual Word conference, Ilan Musk said that Dogecoin’s success could be the most fun and, of course, the funniest thing that could happen in the future.


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