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Elon Musk: If the big Dogecoin owners are willing to distribute the wealth, I will pay for it!

Ilan Musk, who tweeted yesterday that the Dogecoin distribution is centralized and that major holders of the digital currency must sell their own currencies, said in a new tweet that if he wanted to sell his own currencies, he would personally pay them to sell the Dodge Quinns.

According to Cryptonews, Musk wrote in his tweet:

If they empty their accounts, I will personally pay them.

The tweet came a few hours before the tweet, Musk told major Dogecoin owners that if the problem of concentrating Dogecoin accounts was resolved, I would fully support the digital currency. He wrote about this:

Dogecoin is overly focused, the only real problem [به‌نظر من] that’s it.

The Dogecoin is currently trading at $ 0.058, up about 11 percent from the previous 24 hours.

In recent months, the tweets of Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, have caused a lot of fluctuations in the field of digital currencies.

The interesting thing about Musk’s tweet was the response of one of the users to him. This user wrote with reference to this tweet:

You [ماسک] Sell ​​your stake in Tesla I’m emptying my Dogecoin wallet too.


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