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Electricity Industry Spokesman: Electricity for authorized digital currency extraction centers will be supplied from the beginning of October

Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, spokesman for the country’s electricity industry, has said that the supply of electricity needed by authorized digital currency extraction centers will begin in early October.

According to digital currency and to Quoted Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi from the Radio and Television News Agency, pointing out that the authorized Ramzarz mining centers have received 300 MW of authorized branches, said:

The authorized Ramzarz extraction centers were taken out of production in June due to the increase in electricity consumption, which will resume after the end of the summer peak consumption period from the beginning of October.

He pointed out that so far 218 thousand illegal cryptocurrencies have been discovered in the country and said:

The electricity consumption of these centers is equivalent to a thousand megawatt power plant, which, of course, despite the end of the peak summer consumption, electricity consumption is still high, which indicates the activity of unauthorized cryptocurrency mining centers.

The spokesman for the electricity industry continued by emphasizing the need to obtain a license for the activities of these centers:

These centers can provide the required electricity by constructing a renewable power plant [خود] To provide.

Rajabi Mashhadi, pointing out that the electricity tariff of the authorized Ramzarz mining centers is calculated with the price of export electricity, said:

Centers that operate illegally, if they do not receive a license, their devices will be collected, the power of the discovered center will be cut off and they will be introduced to the judicial centers.


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