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Dogecoin is finally trading in Quinn Base, America’s largest exchange

Coin Base Pro announced in a statement that it will begin trading Dogecoin in three phases. This digital currency will be traded with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tetra, US Dollars and Euros.

to the the report Coin Telegraph, Coin Base Pro, the trading arm of the Coin Base exchange, has begun depositing Dogecoin. According to Quinn Base Pro, Dogecoin will start trading on Thursday if enough liquidity is provided through user deposits.

Initially, five currency pairs will be supported for Dogecoin transactions; These currencies are: US Dollar, Bitcoin, Euro, Pound and Ethereum. Dogecoin trades will begin in three phases: “Send Order”, “Limited Orders” and “Unlimited Transactions”. “Base said:

If at any time one of our order books contradicts our estimates of a healthy and orderly market, it is likely that that particular order book will last longer. [از زمان عادی] Hold on to a particular case or stop trading according to trading rules.

Following the announcement of the start of trading of this digital currency in Coin Base, the price of Dodge Coin jumped by 3%. Of course, this growth is not comparable to the rise of this digital currency in recent months.

In recent months, the support of celebrities such as Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg has added to the fire of fervor over the digital currency. These taboos were such that over a period of time Dodge Coin’s liquidity in Robin Hood and many other exchanges exceeded the Bitcoin liquidity; This was a sign of the high demand for this digital currency. Twitter activity around Dodge Coin also surpassed Bitcoin-related Twitter activity in early 2021.


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