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Dogecoin grew another 30%; Everyone is waiting for Elon Musk’s tomorrow program

On Saturday at 23:30 New York time (around 8 am Tehran time) Ilan Musk will appear on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” one of America’s most-watched television programs, to perform a comedy show. No one is waiting for this program more than the countless Dogecoin fans, because its main theme is the digital currency. Dogecoin is a very serious joke now!

Exclusive Digital – The market has also reacted to this program, and at the time of writing, according to the Digital Currency website, the price of each Dogecoin jumped 30% in 24 hours, reaching its highest level in history, $ 0.73.

Controversial entrepreneur and the richest man in the world, according to various magazines, whose tweets and support have played a major role in Dogecoin’s astonishing 27,000 percent growth over the past year, is now set to make a comedy about Dogecoin. Examining the audience of this program in previous episodes, it can be estimated that at least 6 million people will watch this program live.

Meanwhile, on the American Twitter hashtag “DogeCoinTo1Dollar #It is hot to indicate that Dogecoin fans are expecting the price to reach $ 1; What was once considered the dream of the poor by market analysts, but now Dogecoin only needs to grow another 38% to achieve it.

Dogecoin is also explicitly mentioned in Elon Musk’s recent tweet.

Dogecoin grew another 30%;  Everyone is waiting for Elon Musk's tomorrow program
Elon Musk’s recent tweet

Yet another group of Dogecoin fans worries that Elon Musk’s unpredictable talk could cause prices to plummet. Since this is a comedy show and Elon Musk has not done a lot of unexpected things before, this scenario cannot be ignored.

Whatever the scenario, the Dogecoin market will probably not be calm tonight and tomorrow. Many analysts on social media have warned traders against sharp price fluctuations in Dogecoin.

Will Elon Musk praise or ridicule Dogecoin? It will be determined in less than 20 hours.


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