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Do Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission agree? Lawyers respond

An experienced lawyer in commercial litigation believes that neither Ripple nor the US Securities and Exchange Commission are willing to agree. He also said that the outcome of this trial is very important for the entire Blockchain industry and digital currencies.

to the Report James Filan, James Filan, an experienced litigation expert and founder of Filan Limited Liability Company in the US state of Connecticut, said an agreement between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission was unlikely.

An agreement is a condition in which a party to a dispute resolves his or her dispute and voluntarily withdraws from the proceedings. In these cases, one of the parties usually accepts the terms of the other party’s agreement.

According to a tweet released by Philan yesterday, he does not think an agreement between Ripple and the stock exchange commission is possible.

Neither Ripple nor the stock exchange commission has said they intend to surrender. He also said he disagreed with Jeremy Hogan, an American lawyer who said the parties were in the process of reaching an agreement.

Philan has said he is confident Ripple will make the most of William Hinman’s testimony. Heinman, who previously served as chief financial officer of the Securities and Exchange Commission, has revealed the relationship between the Securities and Exchange Commission and third parties.

Heinman’s testimony means strengthening Ripple’s position in court and could shed light on the US Stock Exchange Commission’s statements on the status of digital currencies and their regulations, the Howey Test and all the issues involved in the case since 2018.

Filan has said that Ripple’s representatives may speak to people close to Heinman to appear in court to present their new position on this part of the case.

The experienced lawyer believes that the Ripple trial process and its outcome are of great importance to the entire decentralized and blockchain technology industry in China.

Filan said:

This case is about the success of the entire digital currency space. If the stock exchange commission or anyone else is harmed during this case, it will be in a bad situation. This is a war.

Ripple has already won races with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The payment company, whose market value exceeds $ 10 billion, has been accused by the Exchange Commission of offering illegal securities in the form of XRP tokens to American customers.


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