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Do not deny the opportunity to exchange digital currencies!

Digital currencies were born on the Blockchain and created an opportunity for humans to experience a new form of technology and investment.

In recent days, news has been published about the ban on buying and selling digital currency and the activities of exchange offices, which has attracted a lot of attention. Digital currencies that have not yet been legalized have been banned all at once, and this can do a lot of damage. It remains to be seen what the concerns of the authorities are and whether they have considered all aspects. Perhaps the result is self-imposed sanctions and the creation of a space for illegal activities. What are the harms of domestic sanctions? Experts say that cryptocurrencies are one of the best opportunities for developing countries.

Such countries face pressure and sanctions in most international societies, which must face many challenges for development and progress. What are the consequences of banning these currencies? Adding to the economic constraints Digital currencies are spread over a completely decentralized network that no sanctions can block the access of nations. What better opportunity than this to be able to circumvent the sanctions and meet the financial needs of the country while all the doors are closed to us.

With the help of these currencies, it is possible to buy the goods needed by the country, which were previously provided with thousands of concerns, and to pay for them without the need for remittances and swifts.

Prohibiting the buying and selling of digital currency is a direct confrontation with easy access to the global market that can free us from obstacles. Dependence on foreign platforms If this sanctions happen and Iranian digital currency exchanges are banned, the attractiveness of the digital currency market will lead people to American and European exchanges, which have repeatedly proven to be dangerous to our Iranian capital.

Examples can be easily searched; Bitrex Exchange and Bainance are two popular platforms for buying and selling digital currency, both of which comply with sanctions laws and do not serve Iranians. The use of these exchanges may take the capital out of our country and may block users’ accounts as soon as the Iranian IP is detected; Capital that can be exchanged in a secure Iranian exchange is simply lost. Job Losses and Elite Migration Many cryptocurrency activists specialize in technology, marketing, economics, and other related sciences.

Banning the activities of exchange offices and buying and selling digital currencies means destroying jobs and destroying the income of a large group of active and specialized forces. This could increase the sense of frustration among human capital and make them decide to emigrate. This is at a time when many neighboring countries are making the most of the currency code, and this is a serious threat that we will get off the train of science and wealth and lose the specialized forces.

These bans also deal a great blow to the activists of the constituency and ruin all their efforts, which is the destruction of great capital. Lack of improvement for different industries Different industries and businesses that have dollar income or need to connect to global markets to buy raw materials can easily do business through the Blockchain and digital currencies. Freelancers, hoteliers, health tourism activists, and others are always struggling to make ends meet and must comply with international law.

What better way to help improve this situation and develop businesses by legislating for the activities of exchange offices and ending the ban. Economy and sustainable development depend on technology We have been facing external problems for many years and we have tried to resist them to find a way out of the situation. Now that the world is moving towards knowledge production and their efforts are aimed at limiting Iran, we can move forward with the help of expert consultants and experts in this field.

Iranian digital currency exchanges with professional performance can become local for trading and investment of non-Iranian traders and this is the entry of capital into the country. We hope that the authorities will overcome these limitations and make the best use of this global opportunity, taking into account all the above and trying to create unique work and scientific opportunities.


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