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Digital currency exchanges receive payment gateways with initial registration and without this

Following the escalation of opposition to the implementation of the Shaparak communiqué, which required payments to provide payment gateways only to businesses with such an entity, the E-Commerce Development Center has issued announcements that have somewhat facilitated the implementation of the plan. According to one of the clauses of this announcement, businesses active in new financial fields, such as digital currency exchanges, for which legislation has not been done yet, can receive payment gateways by initial registration and without this.

According to digital currency and to Quoted Through payment, the payers’ opposition to the implementation of Shaparak’s communiqué requiring e-commerce for internet businesses went so far that the e-commerce development center re-entered the issue for greater transparency. By publishing the announcement, this center has tried to provide joint measures for the optimal implementation of this requirement for payments. This announcement, contrary to the demands of the donors, which was to stop this plan, only facilitates the ways of implementing this plan and is trying to make it more efficient.

In the first part of this announcement, Shaparak’s communiqué on the requirement of this instrument for payments from the end of August is mentioned and also some concerns regarding the implementation of this communiqué have been considered.

Therefore, according to the E-Commerce Development Center:

The Central Bank and Shaparak (in charge of the country’s payment network) and the e-Commerce Development Center (in charge of e-commerce) designed and agreed on the necessary measures in order to fully comply with the considerations and address the concerns, based on the proposals made by the private sector.

According to the public relations of the E-Commerce Development Center, after requiring PSP companies to provide payment gateways only to businesses with the symbol of electronic trust (Inmad) in the implementation of anti-money laundering regulations since 1398 and make the necessary arrangements to implement this requirement by paying companies Since the end of last year, due to the legal requirement and the follow-up of the supervisory authorities, the relevant notification on the requirement of this instrument for payment of fines was finally issued by Shaparak Company at the end of August 1400.

However, due to some concerns, especially regarding small and start-up businesses, after holding meetings and receiving comments from the private sector focusing on the Computer Guild Organization, the E-Commerce Development Center as the custodian of e-commerce and the Central Bank and Shaparak, as the custodian of the country’s payment network, took measures and designed the necessary solutions to address the concerns and minimize possible problems as follows:

1- In order to maximize the acquisition and micro-work, “Starless Imad” should be implemented by the e-commerce development center as soon as possible with only authentication and scope and minimum cost.

2. There will be no limit to the conversion of a starless to an asterisk, but if the number or total transaction amount of the franchisee exceeds the limit set by the E-Commerce Development Center within one month, these businesses are obliged to Within 10 days, proceed to the complete steps of granting this image and converting the starless image to a starred image.

3- In order to solve the problem of businesses operating in new financial areas for which regulations have not been regulated so far, after registering the initial registration in the Inmad system, only by authenticating the domain and without granting Inmad, providing a payment gateway to them until The assignment of the mentioned areas should be done with the diagnosis and approval of the Central Bank.

4- The e-commerce development center will provide the possibility of sending a system of verified business information and businesses, both micro and non-micro, in compliance with its security considerations, in the form of a web service for paying companies with the necessary infrastructure.

5- In case of marketplace, if the sale and issuance of invoice is done by the marketplace and the payment is done only through the payment gateway belonging to the marketplace owner, one indication is enough, but if it is necessary to define independent payment gateways, it is possible. It will be possible for each supplier to receive an independent image as a subdomain of the market without any restrictions. In any case, compliance with the requirements of the country’s payment network by the market is mandatory.

Now, after the announcement, which is the result of the joint efforts of Shaparak, the e-commerce development center and the computer industry, it remains to be seen how the payers as a private sector will react to this issue and what decision they will make in response to this 5-point announcement. .


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