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Digital currency exchange ads released on Google

Google’s new policies remove barriers to digital currency advertising on Google services; This means that digital currency businesses can advertise on Google and its services in the absence of new policies.

to the the report In a surprise move on Wednesday, Google’s Coin Telegraph lifted a law banning digital currency exchange ads on affiliate platforms. These restrictions were set by Google 3 years ago.

We see changes in the Google policies page. In one of the modified sections it is stated:

From August 3, advertisers associated with digital currency exchanges and wallets targeting American audiences will be able to advertise their products and services in the absence of Google requirements.

Digital currency businesses that want to advertise on Google services must be registered as a monetary service business at FinCEN‌ and have acted as a money transferor in at least one US state or have a state or federal bank license. These rules open the door to advertising for entities such as Anchorage and Paxos.

It should not be forgotten that the enactment of these rules by Google prevents the advertising of businesses such as coin offerings, defense protocols or trading products, and the sale and purchase of digital currencies. As part of its rules, Google has announced that news aggregators, analytics and signaling services will continue to be blacklisted by Google.

Google’s rules and restrictions in the field of digital currencies have led some experts in the field to describe them as unfair. Google even put Ethereum on the list of banned words in ads for a while. Meanwhile, we are still seeing some ads related to scam projects on Google.

Google’s new advertising policies will mean that digital currency lovers in the United States will soon be flooded with ads. US subsidiary Bainance and FTX are currently looking to gain a significant share of the US market. FTX‌ is set to invest heavily in its advertising debate. In this regard, the exchange bought the registration rights for the Miami Heat basketball team sports stadium until 2040. FTX‌ wants to change the name of the stadium to the Photo-Arena.


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