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Details of Rafsanjan 40 billion miner electricity bill

In recent days, we have witnessed the receipt of an electricity bill worth 40 billion tomans in cyberspace, which was issued for a large mining farm in Rafsanjan. The issuance of this bill was accompanied by many margins. These margins caused the public relations of electricity in Kerman regions to publish announcements related to this electricity bill.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From tomorrow in Kerman, with the occurrence of several power outages in recent days in different parts of the country and the impact of authorized and unauthorized activities of digital currency extractors, a bill attributed to the authorized farm activity of digital currency extraction in Rafsanjan was published in cyberspace. Kerman Regional Electricity Company issued a statement in this regard and explained that what has been published in the bill of the eighth period of the 99th year of the joint venture between Iran and China Investment Company in cyberspace. , According to the supplementary regulations, electricity tariffs and subsequent executive instructions have been calculated and applied, and according to the current procedure for all industrial subscribers, if the subscriber does not pay all or part of it, it is given as a debt in the next period and is subject to delayed tariffs. In case of non-payment, the receivables will be collected through legal methods.

This is while it is said that the miners of Rafsanjan are off from January 15th. On the other hand, digital currency studies show that some miners’ electricity was cut off at night.

Electricity bill of Rafsanjan large mining farm
Electricity bill of Rafsanjan large mining farm

Following the publication of information in cyberspace about electricity consumption and electricity bills of the official investment group of Iran and China in the production of digital currency located in the Rafsanjan Special Economic Zone, the following announcements have been issued by the Kerman Regional Electricity Public Relations:

Dear compatriots, As you can see, the decrease in temperature and cold weather in recent days and the stability of this cold front across the country has led to increased gas consumption in all sectors, especially the domestic and commercial sectors, and this has limited gas supply to power plants.

The increase in electricity and gas consumption has led people to be asked to work together to reduce energy consumption by 10 percent to provide sustainable electricity and refueling to power plants, which honorable and revolutionary people across the country have participated in, which is appropriate for all of them. Thank you.

This announcement adds:

Electricity companies have also taken measures to ensure a stable electricity grid and energy supply. Reducing unnecessary blackouts, attracting industry cooperation, controlling heating systems and office lighting, discovering and collecting informal centers for digital currency production and allocating a reward of 20 million Tomans to those who introduce these centers and doing other propaganda and cultural affairs, etc. There were solutions. However, we saw that some members of the media, especially in cyberspace, while expressing their views, criticized the performance of the official company for investing in digital currency production in the Rafsanjan economic zone.

The following is the announcement:

1- The said joint venture with joint investment of Iran and China and after obtaining the establishment license from the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization and making the investment in order to fulfill the technical obligations announced by Tavanir Company and based on the connection conditions in accordance with the supplementary regulations of electricity tariffs connected to the grid. Has been.

2- The method of calculating the cost of energy consumption of these centers is equal to the price of exported electricity based on the approval of the esteemed Council of Ministers and according to the electricity supply regulations of the cryptocurrency extraction centers, and is calculated by considering the discounts related to connection to the transmission network. In order to manage consumption, it is calculated at a double rate in the warm months of the year and at half the export electricity rate in the non-hot 8 months.

It should be noted that the above conditions are the same for all licensed digital currency production centers.

3- What has been published in cyberspace in the invoice of the eighth year of the joint venture of Iran-China Investment Company has been calculated and applied according to the supplementary regulations of electricity tariffs and subsequent executive instructions, and according to the current procedure for all industrial subscribers if all or part of it. Does not pay, is presented as a debt in the next period and according to the existing regulations, it is subject to a delay tariff which, in case of non-payment, will be used to collect the claims through legal methods.

4- According to the policies of the Ministry of Energy in supplying electricity to household subscribers, especially in the cold season of the year, due to the limitations caused by the lack of fuel in the country’s power plants, after coordination and in order to maintain the reliability of the country’s electricity network, industrial subscribers are required. “Their consumption burden was reduced, and the consumption of the country’s largest common currency code in the Rafsanjan Special Economic Zone was completely cut off on January 15, 2010.”


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