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Deputy Tavanir: The collection maneuver of illegal extraction centers has started

The Deputy Coordinator of Distribution of Iran Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Company has stated that while carrying out comprehensive and nationwide maneuvers to adjust the lighting of passages, unauthorized centers for extracting digital currencies will also be collected.

According to digital currency and to Quoted IRNA economic correspondent Gholam-Ali Rakhshani Mehr said on Thursday at a ceremony of comprehensive and nationwide action to adjust the brightness of the roads and correct the branches at the electricity industry monitoring center:

Today, in the form of this maneuver, action will be taken to collect illegal centers that extract currency cryptocurrencies. The exercise will be held in a coordinated manner across the country on Thursdays and Fridays at the end of each month and will continue until the end of the year.

Deputy Coordinator of Tavanir Distribution noted:

The main focus of this maneuver is to adjust the lighting of the passages and manage energy consumption.

Rakhshani Mehr said:

Iran’s national electricity system or the “My Electricity” application is available to the public and they can report the breakdown of national electricity networks in this system.

He added:

The information that people give is collected and then categorized in a coordinated action to eliminate it.

Tavanir Distribution Deputy continued:

Today, 5,000 people in this maneuver, in the form of 1,600 teams, are working nationwide to solve problems.

According to IRNA, the CEO of the parent company of Iran Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution had previously said that improving the lighting of the passages would save one million liters of fuel and try to reduce fuel consumption.


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