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Deposit $ 1.2 billion of StableCoin to exchanges; Is it time to buy on the price floor?

After the recent fall of digital currencies and the stabilization of prices in the market, digital currency exchanges have recorded the highest rate of entry of stable coins this year, according to a report by the blockchain analysis company Santiment. The arrival of stable coins such as Tetra in exchange offices may indicate a willingness on the part of investors to buy.

to the Report DailyHoodel, analyst firm Centiment, told its 110,000 Twitter followers on Saturday that digital currency exchanges had broken records with the influx of stable currencies such as Tetra (USDT) and USDC.

The company wrote in its tweet:

The largest one-hour Tetra inflow of the year occurred on Saturday. At 8 a.m. global time, more than 771 million USDT units were transferred to exchange offices. Just six hours later, $ 454 million entered the exchanges; The largest number from the last four months.

After adjusting the price of Bitcoin from $ 69,000 to below $ 56,000, Centiment announced that the discussion about Bitcoin in cyberspace has reached its lowest level since June with a sharp decline. The sentiment report said:

Due to the boom of the coin market in most days of 2021 and with the increase of fluctuations, the discussion about bitcoins has halved compared to five months ago. Bitcoin now accounts for 15% of discussions on crypto platforms; While in mid-June it was 30%.

Also, the Centiment company, looking at the Altcoins, said that one of them has moved against the market reform process. Tokens in the Metavars area were among the tokens that went against the market trend. The SAND, for example, has grown by more than 50 percent since last week. This is a positive signal in terms of intra-chain.

The report of the sentiment company states:

Each box of sandboxes is now $ 4.32, offsetting most of the massive market correction that occurred this week. The realized profit / loss for the SAND token is being neutralized again. This index has always been the most accurate historically.


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