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Defy, proverbial tokens and now game tokens; Nine of the 15 popular digital currencies of users are active in the field of gaming

New data from CoinGecko’s website shows that most of the popular digital currencies of users are currently operating in the gaming domain. Experts believe that the new phenomenon in the field of digital currency after the introduction of unparalleled tokens could be blockchain-based games.

to the Report YouTube, the digital currencies active in the online gaming industry, are becoming increasingly popular. For example, nine of the 15 popular digital currencies on the Coin Geko platform are in the field of computer games.

Lark Davis, a well-known digital currency blogger, recently published information about the popularity of game tokens. He said that last summer will be called “Defy Summer” and this summer will be “Summer of Game Tokens”.

The growing popularity of game tokens can be seen separately in the list of popular currencies on Coin Gekko’s website. As can be seen from this list, game tokens are in the forefront in terms of market value and trading volume.

It should be noted that digital currency makers, manufacturers of computer processors and graphics cards, as well as the founders of digital currency exchanges, are gradually turning their attention to the Blockchain gaming industry.

The aforementioned individuals and industries are specifically offering gamification schemes through which users can receive digital currency.

The benefits of blockchain-based games are many. In Blockchain games, users have the opportunity to exchange in-game assets without the need for an intermediary.

On the other hand, developers can use the Blockchain to attract new users and earn money by selling in-game items and tokens. That is why more and more Blockchain games are being introduced in the market day by day.

Lark Davis also said that big game studios have also monitored this area and that big and serious games will be released soon.

After all, the term crypto gaming has long been popular in the industry, and Coin Gecko’s data is the only reaffirmation of that.


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