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Definite (InternetComputer) is officially launched today

The Definity Foundation is set to launch its The Internet Computer project today. If all goes well, the project has the potential to bring about sweeping changes in areas such as defaults and unparalleled tokens.

to the the report CoinDesk, this project can be of great help to applications running on Ethereum. It is worth noting that the goal of this project is ultimately to transfer all these applications to the computer Internet forever.

Of course, there is also the possibility that none of the events we mentioned will happen. Perhaps the success of this project is in an area that no one even thinks about; Or maybe something else is finally waiting for this great, strange and new technology.

Definite (InternetComputer) is officially launched today
Dominic Williams

“Dominic Williams, a senior definite specialist, says:

We want people to abandon their traditional information technology and move all systems and services to smart contracts.

Definite refers to the Internet of Things (TIC) as a new decentralized system for executing projects from the Web to blockchains such as Ethereum Intelligence Chain (BSC).

A post published in the Definite blog in September 2020 states:

Computer Internet is a new type of Blockchain processor with unlimited capacity and performance that competes with traditional cloud services.

Williams said in a recent interview:

Bitcoin created digital gold and created this market. The second major partnership was smart contracts, which Ethereum proved to work. Computer Internet is the third step and “unlimited blockchain”.

It should not be forgotten that whenever someone talks about the concept of “infinity” in processing, it should be carefully considered. Aside from these debates, it is clear that some digital currency enthusiasts and professionals are so reckless as to seek to create a new system.

The company has raised $ 121 million, according to Seamus Conwell, a spokesman for the Definite Foundation. These include Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital, Scalar Capital, CoinFund, Multicoin Capital and Gracyfroft Partners. In 2018, PC Internet also managed to raise $ 61 million in one round of fundraising. According to Definetti, this investment has been more of an investment in the ecosystem than a direct support.

Definiti has also received strong support from well-known digital currency letters. Quinbase had previously announced that the Definite Governance Token (ICP) would be added immediately after launch on Quinbase Pro. According to Coin Base, the token will also start trading after providing liquidity.

No one can use ICP tokens until the network is up and running. It is estimated that with the launch of the network, just over 50,000 people have these tokens. Users can use their tokens to buy processing power while participating in the governance processes of this network.

More flexibility on the Ethereum

Ethereum applications can build their own front-end websites on the Internet. This can be a big step to protect these applications from regulation and censorship.

“Harrison Hines, the founder of Fleek, a company that helps users publish their work on a decentralized network, says:”

From a practical point of view, given the unstoppable nature of Ethereum and smart contracts, the only part that can be censored is the point of interaction between software and hardware.

He added:

PC Internet can host fronts and applications built on Ethereum’s smart contracts.

Decentralized finance applications or defa are valuable as long as the relationships that 99% of users use are hosted on cloud service providers like Amazon and Microsoft. “Williams says:

You are not really dealing with a blockchain. You interact with a website that interacts with Blockchain. You interact with Amazon Web Services.

Computer Internet runs on a network of databases around the world; As a result, a website is not actually hosted in a specific database, and it can be said that it will be hosted in several, maybe a few dozen databases.

Flick had previously helped many users to use the Quinn file, and now it seeks to facilitate the implementation of projects on the Internet.

“Heinz says:

A static website can be easily and instantly transferred to a computer Internet. Instead of hosting on Amazon Web Services or IPFS, websites can be hosted on the Internet.

According to Heinz, browsers do not need to do anything different from what they are currently doing. In the PC Internet, the hosting sector is actually a smart contract or an application.

By implementing this decentralized framework, it becomes very difficult for governments and tech activists to access the content created by many Ethereum projects.

John Lilic, an investor in digital currencies and members of ConsenSys, says:

With the current situation, it can be said that the Ethereum implementation environment is influenced by governments that are familiar with the technology field.

He cited the boycott of Parler by Amazon Web Services as an example. It is worth noting that Parler was an alternative to Twitter.

Lilik believes that most Ethereum applications have a similar infrastructure. He went on to refer to equity. Most newer blockchains work with a consensus protocol that does not require as much processing power as bitcoin; Because in these blockchains, a person risks his assets in exchange for network security. Cosmos, Thezos, and Ias all use the same approach, and their nodes can easily operate on a cloud infrastructure.

“Williams said in another part of his speech:

Many of the existing proof-of-equity networks are actually second-tier applications that run large cloud service providers.

This is the path that Ethereum has taken. Williams, meanwhile, says demand for Ethereum is different from demand for PC Internet. He added:

I think Ethereum and the Internet of Things are different giants. We should not be called the Ethereum killer. Without Ethereum, there would be no computer Internet.

How decentralized?

The computer Internet is decentralized, but access to it is not completely unlicensed.

Unlike other digital currencies that try to use users’ hardware, Definition has gone straight to data centers. Data centers can only participate in this network if the holders of ICP tokens vote in favor of their entry.

In addition, ninety Internet computers run only on special devices. It took a while for ISIC devices to be introduced to Bitcoin and gain a foothold in the network, while the Internet of Things has from the beginning designed special hardware to participate in the network.

The Internet of Things explains:

The computers that make up the virtual machine are organized as subnet networks of data centers around the world. Distributed architecture allows secure communication without firewalls and similar technologies that are themselves vulnerable to attack. Independent datacenters are rewarded for sharing the processing capacity and hosting services of applications running on the Internet.

This way, a data center or even a group of data centers can no longer take an application’s website off the network. Even if the government blocks all these data centers, the male application can still run elsewhere. In this way, the risk of a company deciding that it no longer wants to be the host of a particular product will be eliminated.

The possibility of incorporating a large amount of processing power individually is different from the original idea of ​​Bitcoin; Bitcoin allowed anyone to access the network from the beginning and was confident that it had created a system that subscribers could not disrupt; An issue that makes network activities flexible.

Definiti has announced that it will initially have 48 data centers in three different countries with 1,300 nodes. According to Williams, this approach allows the network to become much larger and to operate with much better performance. Heinz said:

In Bitcoin and Ethereum, increasing the nodes does not increase efficiency, only increases security, but data centers must be able to provide more power quickly when needed. In this way, the current Internet grows.

Getting started

Computer Internet is a complex project that creates new technology and new ways of interacting.

Heinz says the first success of the PC Internet came from the most in-demand applications. He cites social media as one such application. Prior to the release, Definiti announced that an alternative to TickTock called CanCan had been created on the platform. Another example will be launched soon, called Open Chat.

In the case of the Ethereum community, the PC Internet can be a great way to decentralize the success of defamation and unique tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem, but it is also possible that Internet Protocol could become an opportunity to move from Ethereum.

Lilik noted that the computer Internet was originally founded to run the Web Assembly or WASM standard. This creates a lot of space for developers who do not need to learn anything new. He continued:

Giving this opportunity to a developer who can program in any language they want and not overcomplicate builds a powerful platform.

In another part of his speech, Lilik said that until everything is set up, the accuracy of Definite information cannot be verified. According to him, many bugs should be expected at the beginning of the road; Because bugs are common in a new technology. Williams agrees with Lilik, saying the Internet is a test product for the computer.

However, the team behind the PC Internet has good self-confidence, and the members are smart enough to realize that pretending there is no problem is not enough to make an app work well. “Lilik said at the end of his speech:

If what they say is true, it can swallow everything! The only thing left in the end may be Bitcoin and Definite!


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